[Another ugly skirmish with the BETA... plus kijin stuff piled on just for good measure afterwards. And the people weighing on Selena's mind the most? Well, the Zhar Battalion of course.]

Lt. Colonel Latrova... fighting the BETA on a constant basis is dangerous enough. I just hope that the enemies you face within the Russian bureaucracy don't decide to further retaliate against you. Whoever planned that operation the way they did might not be happy with how things played out, and considering what the Zhars have to deal with already...

For you and your men, I hope they don't decide to take out their frustration on the battalion. It was bad enough seeing the Glory Stars go through... what they did. And the size of the battalion doesn't mean any one life in it's less valuable.

[She looks over at a tupperware box she recently got in the mail. It's from Captain Symphonia... with 'Feliz Cumpleaños' written on the top, with a large amount of seemingly basic looking cookies inside. It's a few weeks past her birthday, but considering the circumstances of the rest of Team Jelba's current mission she doesn't hold it against the Captain. Thus she still opens the box and helps herself to one, immediately humming softly as she closes her eyes, leans back against the wall, and savors the taste. Well, not before...]


Yes Selena?

Take some of the Captain's handiwork and see if anyone would like to try it. In spite of what happened out there, it was still an improvement over everything last month so... not to sound like a certain insensitive someone but maybe a small celebration's in order.

Are you sure you're not just saying that to try to wean yourself off of these?  Their nutritional value isn't all that great and since you've been transferred to the Unity Group you've gained 2.3- ohnono aaaahahhhh S-Selena-

[Oh dear.  Poor Elma's comment got derailed as Selena picks him up by his head.]

Of all the things I'm grateful you can do for me, being a weight scale ISN'T ONE OF THEM!

[And with that poor Elma's going to be punted down a hall.  Not that it's going to get in the way of him delivering those cookies to anyone interested later on though... just he's also going to have a big dent in his head once more.]

star_of_sad: (Uncertainity)

From: [personal profile] star_of_sad

Is Elma trying to say those cookies are bad for you?
star_of_sad: (Curious)

From: [personal profile] star_of_sad

Thank you. I'm definitely trying those.

[Setsuko approaches the box of cookies. There is no hope of survival.]

I didn't know you had a birthday recently.
star_of_sad: (Unease)

From: [personal profile] star_of_sad

... Oh.

Well. That's in the past now. Please, don't blame yourself.

It happened, we can't do anything about it now.
star_of_sad: (Default)

From: [personal profile] star_of_sad

Sometimes I forget that Team Jelba has more members than just you and Albhard.

The sentiment is shared, I hope to meet the rest one day too.
a_louse: (Paradigm's top negotiator)

From: [personal profile] a_louse

Quite a rude little robot, isn't he?

[Roger says as he's eating one of the cookies.]
a_louse: what does that even mean (tomato face)

From: [personal profile] a_louse

Refreshingly normal, after some of the outside world specials I got to taste.

So you two are close friends?
a_louse: (smiling)

From: [personal profile] a_louse

So he's a convenient servant as well? I see you're getting a lot of use out of the little guy.

Robots and humans are different, but that doesn't mean we can't get along well with each other. I happen to have a few robot acquitances as well.
a_louse: (opening face)

From: [personal profile] a_louse

Paradigm has been separated from the rest of the world for at least 40 years. The cultural difference shows.

My apologies, I didn't mean any offense about your friend. He's a good robot.
caressthedarkness: (Derp icon)

From: [personal profile] caressthedarkness

[Bringing cookies to a confused Kijin is a good way to empty your stock, at least with the way she's going. Omnomnomnom.

This is just her way of de-stressing.]
caressthedarkness: (Gah icon)

From: [personal profile] caressthedarkness


[Sudden realization.]

...It...is alright. Please forgive me...consuming something...is a habit when I have a lot on my mind...
caressthedarkness: (Derp icon)

From: [personal profile] caressthedarkness

...I have never actually considered that before.

But...these are already good on their own...
caressthedarkness: (Surprised icon)

From: [personal profile] caressthedarkness

T-thank you...

[Congratulations, you are now left with a Seta holding a cookie in one hand and a glass of milk in the other.

She just stares at both, one after the other, looking unsure...]
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From: [personal profile] armowrpiercing

Silly robot, that's not how you're supposed to treat a lady.
armowrpiercing: (content)

From: [personal profile] armowrpiercing

I'm sad to say that I know nothing about Cybuster or any stupid bird. That's superfluous though, because all birds are stupid.
majestic_keiki: (Shy smile)

From: [personal profile] majestic_keiki

Thanks. [Offering sweets to Kei had the predictable effect of having her sample them. She does give the newly dented robot a small look.]

Who programmed it?
majestic_keiki: (Shy smile)

From: [personal profile] majestic_keiki

I see...I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.

But don't intentionally embarrass people in public like that.
majestic_keiki: (Frown)

From: [personal profile] majestic_keiki

There might be reasons to mention it...If you're a doctor, for example. But you shouldn't do it in public.

And I'm sorry, Elma. I didn't realize what your relationship was like. [Or even that that good robots were a common thing.]
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From: [personal profile] tiger_ken

[Well, Ken at least might be able to catch Elma with his foot.]

...Dare I ask?
tiger_ken: (Uncertain)

From: [personal profile] tiger_ken


I k-know better than to ask that of a lady anyway.

Though, what are those...?

[He says, walking up to the room, and catching sight of the Tupperware.]
tiger_ken: (Default)

From: [personal profile] tiger_ken

...I guess. Did you make these? Wouldn't have pegged this sort of thing as one of your skills.

[Ken extends a hand.]