[While the tapestry fragments are being loaded up and some issues are sorted out (Mainly the knights doing their best to find a way to make up for the hurt they had caused the other revengers) Volya and Interitus can be found sitting at the foot of a tree along with David and Florian. Forgiveness is a difficult thing and Florian still felt anxious about the knights, at the very least he still took things to heart. The four seemed to be pondering the fate of the seeds left behind by the Black Garden as they regarded the cloudy skies.]

I don't think we should separate them... it... really doesn't feel right. We should try to grow them in the same place.

[Florian nods at that. It felt odd for him to be so at ease in this place... he hoped the others were alright.]

"I agree... but the question is where. Definitely not here..."

[David sits up a little as an idea occurs to him.]

"Maybe a greenhouse or- Oh! Volya! You've got a garden right? Maybe you can grow them there!"

[Interitus moves her arms to form a cross shape and lets out a noise of disagreement.]

"Thhhbhttttht! No! Bad David!"

"Wha- Why?"

"....Should put outside. Quiet. Not inside building. Let Garden have sun, wind... be among grass and trees."

"O...oh... yeah that... that makes sense."

[David sheepishly rubs the back of his neck as he lies against the tree again. A soft chuckle escaping Volya as he shakes his head at the pair.]

Well... we've got a lot of time to figure it out anyway...

[A soft murmur of agreement left the others before David pointed up at the sky.]

"That cloud kinda looks like a dog doesn't it?"

"It does.. a little. The ears seem a bit wrong though."

Maybe its like one of those tiny dogs with the big ears?


[The discussion devolved into cloud watching. The kids having a chance for a while to be kids again.]