[The Discovery stolen, with Loni poised to return sooner or later.  Plus the few threats still around and kicking.  And unfortunately for Mizuki...]

- You're growing faster than the first time, but still way too slow.


[The DuskBird has only regrown to the size of a normal bird, adorable and mechanical, but clearly not combat capable.  If the end of the world were to happen in another day, then-]


-Zankuro?  What're you doing here?

Well, see kindergarten's having a "bring your sibling to class" day and I'd been thinking about if you'd wanna come and all.  I mean I think it'd be really cool if you did!  But also, I...

[He shuffles nervously.]

-I came because I wanted to see if I can help.  I mean I can still manifest the BlackNight, and like... you just said it yourself!  The DuskBird's not able to fight yet!, but I thought like... we could do it together!  You could show and help me out everything, there's even room inside of the Night for us both!

Zan... that's...

[Dangerous?  Selfless?  Risky?  Noble? Arrogant?  Humble?  Physical body aside, he was still a kid...]

I know you're worried but... but Mom and Dad are fine with it!  They even said we should try to spend more time together... and it could even make us sorta like a Jaeger team!  And that's when they got really excited about the idea!  So long as I get all of my homework done on time they don't have any real objections.

Alright... alright we can... maybe do this.  Until the DuskBird's ready again.  But if we're doing this... whatever I say goes, alright?  If it gets too dangerous, I don't want to risk Mom and Dad losing both of us.  No trying to be more of a hero than your big sister, alright?

[Zankuro's eyes light up.  Success!]

Mmm!  I promise!

[And he has just the biggest hug for his big sister.]