[While the SCCF was now temporarily silenced their leader was still on the loose and possibly plotting to cause more mayhem under the guise of good intentions. Meaning more work for him while working to ensure that all avenues for Lee to try take over the Unity Group were blocked off. While it was unlikely the UN would hand over the commission to Lee as he wasn't exactly in their service as the member of a Non-ESUN military detachment, the SSR still had achieved quite a bit that some members may consider things.]


[However... mudslinging and dirt digging can only go so far and at the very most could only serve as a road block. Especially if Lee painted himself up as the only choice they had. So to that end Calvin spent an equal amount of time researching various possible candidates to serve as an interim commander for the Unity Group until the Lady is stopped and Lee loses interest.]


List under cut )

[And in the interest of covering all bases, Calvin ran through various members of UG (even ones who didn't outwardly show leadership qualities) and their allies for consideration. Those ones went into a second pile that was thoroughly marked with red like Grimlock's... as Calvin picked up his sheet and tossed it over to the larger pile.]

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