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1.[For whatever reason, you've spied Jen getting a phone call.]

Hm? Oh...That fast, huh. [She sighs.] No, I...I'm kind of glad I missed it. Being around him was just...sad, you know. When's the wake?

...Alright, I'll see you then. I'll bring a friend, I think you should meet her.
[Jen hangs up.]

Okay, so...my father finally passed away last night. So I'll be away for a couple days while we get everything sorted out and wrapped up. We got a bunch of free tickets to this exhibit of his art, if you want to check that out. The service is gonna be private.

And...yeah. So that's about it.

2.[At the museum-general mingle/meet jen's family]
The art of Johnathan Douglas is the product of 10 years of intense, furious work. An electrical engineer with no previous interest in art spent almost every waking moment drawing increasingly detailed paintings and sketches. They're all very abstract, and of a similar form; a simple pattern iterates, again and again, growing in complexity before the whole thing becomes a chaotic mess. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a piece done on blacked-out index cards, with colored lines drawn on top of them. It extends some 3m in height and is twice as long, with a single blue line eventually splitting off into a massive wave crashing against the far end. There are no curves in the entire work, only millions of successive right angles.

Jen, along with the rest of her family, arrive after the service. Outside, it starts to rain.
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