"Allow me to start from the beginning..."

Unity Group was late to the party. Frustrated that ESUN did not support him, Lee Linjun made the first move. SSR approached the Discovery and fought the Guardians and the Seekers, only to receive help from people trapped inside. People who managed to break out, not without outside help. Linjun tried to have the Shirogane fire on the Discovery, but he was stopped, stopped by the very same outside help.

Now, the fight is over, the Discovery secured. And the ESUN inspector, the one who visited Unity Group many times - Inspector Jou has some very important things to say.

"I'll repeat myself for those who were not here to hear it."

"Aeons ago, sentient beings of the universe were enslaved by an entity of godlike power. The entity loved stories, but it could not tell new ones by itself. It could only recreate stories already known, and it did that by changing reality itself, with others as unwilling participants. To be the hero of a story is good, isn't it? But what is it like to be the helpless victim? The villain, or one of his henchmen?"

"The sentient beings of the universe rebelled. Putting their differences aside, they cooperated, all working together towards a shared goal. This is the process known as..."


Massive backstory reveal )

[One more thing of importance - also taggable]

"You're right, inspector. What we need is another Unification."

"But you must also realize you're putting the weight of the universe's fate on shoulders of a group with limited jurisdiction. To put things simply, Unity Group has no authorization to do things you ask it for. And having lived for so long, surely you realize how important it is to have a strong leader in charge."

"I'm going to petition ESUN for integrating Unity Group into SSR, all its assets included. The personnel will retain their ranks, or receive SSR equivalents when they lack one. It's a reasonable request, so I don't see why it shouldn't be approved."

"In times like these, all we need is discipline and a clear chain of command."

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