Thank you. For everything.

*The Bahamut team is currently hanging around their usual spot in the hangar. It's not a private meeting though, and they let anyone join their discussion.*


Professor Matsuyama is a brilliant and brave human. I can't think a better individual that I'd rather be repaired by.

Grrrh! I can't believe I managed to get captured just like that! And I can't believe how dare they try to frame Professor Matsuyama like that.

Thankfully my grandfather's sacrifice and your investigation isn't for nothing, Katsuhiko. I managed to detect what the Fake Bahamut was there for.

*He then directs everyone's attention to a device*

This is a piece of technology that have similar construction with Bahamut. I can surmise that this is a part of Bahamut that got separated from him when... he arrived in this planet on time unknown with means unknown. That's the reason why the Beast of Starmind need something in Bahamut's construction. This device is linked to his technology.

Sadly, even with all of my brilliance, I can't figure out what's it for. It has some dimensional technology, but other than that I don't know what would happen if we activate it. 

Oh, did I forgot to mention it? Yes, I can easily power up and activate this. 

"What are you waiting for then, Shoji Matsuyama? Activate it. This might be the key to finally end the Beast of Starmind menace once and for all."

*But before Shoji could activate it...*


Please wait. 

*Bahamut interjects.*


What are you interjecting for, Bahamut? Are you still worried about your past or whatever? I thought we've agreed that it doesn't matter, and you'll still be our friend no matter what you were in the past.


I am honored by the trust everyone have in me. But... Remember what happened in the last few clashes with the Beast of Starminds? And what my copy said before its destruction?

It's because I like this planet that I think we should not activate this before we're sure what it will do. The Beast of Starmind were looking for this too after all.

*The team then looks at each others. They then look at you, whether you were there specifically for the current conversation, or if you're just coincidentally passing by, as if they're asking for opinions.*