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([personal profile] lostamigo Jan. 30th, 2016 12:37 am)
[Some time after Lord of War...]

Well folks. Time to say goodbye.


Not forever, of course. I'll just be gone for a while. Got a job in Mexico. I'll head out as soon as Steel Wanderer is fully fixed. I talked with the bosses and they gave their okay. I should be back in a few days or a week. This isn't anything complex, but it's stuff these folks need help with. 'Sides, they pay pretty well.


I'll see you later, alright? If Morte wakes up, say hi to him from me.
[So then, look who's back and with puberty mostly out of the way.  The Razor's taken a bit of damage from the fight against Tver, but Flit's still looking plenty happy to be at a Unity Group base once more.]

You know, it's funny.  It's only been about half a year but it feels... longer.  Then again it's been really busy for me and the AGE System.  But... now I'm feeling ready to get back into it.  The treatment for X-Rounders has come a long way, for me too even... and I can't just let everyone else do the hard part of keeping people safe forever.

I remember everything being a little bit bigger though...
You have a saying: the horse and the rider, as one.

[If one needs proof that Fyra had lost the exchange against the Second Rider, then look no further than the wreck of Morte that lies in one of the UG's hangars. The Steed remains in its bipedal mecha form, sat up against one of the empty walls.

The damage it received was severe, and nothing can be done to aid in its recovery. Only time can allow Morte to stand once again.]

We agreed to this course of action. Tver had to be stopped, and we knew that this would be the result.

Yet, I feel as if I should have found another way.

[Especially with that last bit from the hostile Rider about 'fixing' herself...whatever that entails.]
Hm, so the apparently whoever made Fyra and Co used the interpretation of Conquest, War, Famine, and Death... I think? Won't get it past them to turn out to be actually based on different thing, like but most likely the next Rider would be Famine.

Discounting how War and Conquest are kinda redundant, and all actually means death anyway, if that's true, this give us some time to prepare about its awakening, since apparently each rider has vague special ability symbolizing their names. Conquest apparently could summon unlimited mooks instantly, War was... undefeated in conflict by regeneration? Death can... kill all things? Well it's kinda vague, and I wasn't really paying attention because I was too busy to not die, but I think that's the gist of it.

So, using those as examples, let's play word association. What would be Famine's ability and how can we neutralize it? The neutralizer can't simply be everyone bringing cheeseburgers in their cockpits on sortie, right?