With the situation surrounding the Lady unfolding, and more threats looming over the horizon, a request is sent via video mail to all UG members. The sender? A certain friend of Willis, who tries to hide her concern behind a smile.

"Good day everyone. I know this isn't the best time to ask a favor of you since you're trying to figure out what to do, but I'll need a small group to accompany me to a certain facility for a short while. It's an old place that hasn't been used for some time, so I have some concerns about security. There's something I need to retrieve there, and on the bright side, maybe we'll find some of the leftover equipment useful too."

If anyone wants payment for this, I'll be glad to arrange something. Just know that I wouldn't be making a request like this if it wasn't important. Thanks."


1. The Facility )


2. Belongings )


3. The Objective )