Here's a transmission from Abel Meyers, who unceremoniously skips protocol and just calls you directly like it was a phonecall.

"Hello Unity Group. Do you know the Metis Group of Companies? Specialized in healthcare, agriculture and so... oh, right. We did have this talk already."

"Anyway I realize the time's not been the best, but I'll have to ask you to lend me your strength once again. My company discovered a Rider's tomb, but this time everyone was very fast, commendable! What I am saying is Stigma did not make its move yet, we were there first - but even without their leader, I'm sure they won't just do nothing. Please guard the tomb before another Rider is unleashed on the world."


"Speaking of Stigma's leader, I did some digging - of the non-archeological kind. Silon's real identity was that of Damien Sears. He was a genius and an enterpreneur, not unlike myself. It looks like we were rivals in more than one area of life, but he disappeared. After Earth was warped to that another world and then returned, all track was lost of him. I suppose we know what happened now."