A room in an abandoned, but surprisingly comfy once you get to know it, hotel. Far away from Unity Group, SSR, and all of the world's issues, this is where the trio spent their last few days. But now, one of them walks up to the exit.

"Alright guys. Time to go for me."

"Dude, no. This'll be some really bad shit, I can tell. Just don't go."

"Loni, please..."

"Yeah, I know... I know you're both worried. But, I gotta get some answers, you know? This can't wait anymore. Sides, I always come back safe, right? That's what I do. And I won't be alone out there..." He recalls the voice. The voice that keeps talking to him.
"So I'll be fine. Don't worry about me, okay?"

"That's why I worry! I worry about you, because you won't be alone..."