([personal profile] srwu_npc Jan. 9th, 2016 11:38 pm)
Erria is gone. The artificial island was already in poor condition from SCCF's attack, but the giant pillar of fire caused by Dakova sealed its fate. All that remains of it are ruins, and thousands of casualties.

The people who somehow managed to survive this, those who worked and lived on Dotrice's island - can hardly be called lucky. Dakova exerted control over them for a long time, and now the backlash caused some of them to turn catatonic, while others flail and babble like madmen and others still wander or just sit around aimlessly, their eyes empty like they just witnessed the end of the world. And can anyone blame them?

(This is a mingle and/or reaction post. It's not Unity Group's job or specialization to offer relief in a situation like this, but what individual members do - is up to them.)