Ha! Hyaah!

[After dealing a lethal blow to a practice dummy, Sielje puts down her weapon. The knight is sweaty but for once, seems content. And the weapon in question is not her usual sword, but a long rod. A practice spear.]

Yes, I did not forget. I still have the arm for this.

Ahem. Do not misunderstand, it is not my intent to request my work done for me.

But there must be a better way to do this.

[Sielje is covered in paint, a large brush in her hand. In the background, her handiwork - a beginning of some kind of shape forming on a large mobile suit shield. A shape painted by hand, as half-empty cans littering underneath betray.]

I know there is a device of sorts for this kind of... purpose. But I know not how to operate it, and...

[She glances at the mess, embarassed.]
... So.  On one hand we have a bunch of rather overt megalomaniacs, on another you have a bunch of liars and psychos with a raging misogynist in their ranks, on another you have remnants of a group fighting long after their leader wanted them to stop, a Decepticon, and a woman who cloned a dog girl.

I don't want to make light of what happened out there.  They played us like a fiddle and Captain Linjun, stuckup that he is, paid deep to get us out of there.  Might've even paid with his life.

But... if they wanted an anti-SSR or anti-Unity Group... they're probably more than overqualified for the anti-unity bit.  We've given them all bloody noses before, and taken down threats bigger than any of them.  They're not making this alliance up because they feel loyal or trust everyone else in it, maybe not even like each other, but they joined up because Miss Bernal made that big speech and they can't go it alone.  That VIPER lady even said something to that extent too.

And you know, maybe I'm wrong...

But call it a women's intuition.