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[The Glory Stars weren't the only surprise reinforcements during the Sakihama's battle against the Lost Seekers. During the battle the forces there were reinforced by some very unlikely allies who were now wandering around Sakihama's hangar, waiting for a chance to offer their own memories to the Balmarian Artifact. Behind them were a familiar pair of machines that might worry those that encountered them before. In particular a certain derp is caught completely off guard and nearly spits out his drink when he spots those machines casually parked along with the Project Unification machines.] C-ghhfk-ghkkk, what are those doing here!? [To further put him on edge a pair of hands suddenly place themselves over his eyes. He immediately grabs those hands and lifts them from him before pulling the mysterious culprit into an uncomfortable hold. ]

"Ah~ so rough. You must really have missed me...all I wanted to do was to say hello while we were helping you guys get your silly toy ready."

[And lets go as soon as he sees that face.]

"Jen, you could have just said hello normally."

[The other half of the Aegis duo that provided several not so peaceful encounters with the Unity Group approaches with a stern expression on his face. An awkward moment passes as Willis quickly pieces together the situation, given the amount of people who were now at Sakihama and what the reports had said. ]

...I suppose I should thank you for helping out this time...but...

[To his surprise the Aegis Pilot offers a hand as a peace offering.]

"Look, we've all done things we're not proud of but fighting now won't help any of us. I think we all realize that"

[As this happens Jen looks on with a rather curious look on her face, one that Wilis is quick to notice. She seemed anxious to see how this situation would pan out.

Against perhaps his own reservations he grips the opposing hand, giving a small nod. Maybe this was what they needed to do in the first place]

"There, was that so hard? And now that we're all friends again you can attend our wedding after all of this is over."


[Before Willis can respond properly Jen flashes an expensive looking ring in his face. Anyone who arrives or notices this scene after everything was said and done with would only find Willis in complete shock.]

[Of course Jen and Michael weren't the only members of Aegis hanging around Sakihama. A set of blondes arrive at Sakihama shortly after the previous two leave as they seemed to be on some sort of rotating schedule. Unlike the other two they aren't doing the best job of being inconspicuous, one of them at least. The former head of Aegis's combat forces does not seem to be enjoying being in the drab Sakihama hangar and is currently throwing a fit and arguing to get ahead of the rest of the "garbage" so she could get back to doing actual important things. Not surprisingly, as one of the few people used to dealing with her Willis has been brought in to help deal with the "issue" by her now very embarrassed pupil.]

"I apologize for forcing you to deal with this...you know what happens when she's forced to wait in queues. Sometimes I wish she was more mature for her age." [As they make their way to the site of the rampage Lucille seems to stare at Strahlend as she passes by the machine.] "Your machine...it still looks the same after all these years."

You've seen it before our...interesting encounters?

[The girl nods.]

"It's actually the reason why I became a pilot and joined Aegis...you probably don't remember it but a long time ago you saved my life and my family's. It might have been mechanical but I truly believed that the Lord sent down an Angel to save us that day...I wanted to tell you that and thank you for what you did once I met you, but things have been..."

[She pauses knowing how awkward the situation between Willis and Aegis had been up to this point.]

"I feel blessed that things have finally gotten to a point that I was finally able to tell you. Even if it took the Lady's presence to force all of us to stop our fighting."

[Willis does not say a thing in response, maybe it was a bit of embarrassment but the smile on his face said everything. Unfortunately for the both of them this small moment was quickly ruined by the yelling of a certain woman who was now getting in the face of both Project Unity staff and anyone who was trying to prevent her from just walking straight up to the artifact.]

"I don't see why you are still wasting my precious time! You asked for our help so you should make it a priority when I make time to answer your calls for assistance!'

....we really need to do something about her.


[Meanwhile, thanks to the influx of civilians flooding into Sakihama there seems to be quite a few faces poking around the area during the week as they take turns providing memories to the Balmarian Artifact. One of them includes a young woman who seems to be checking out random isolated spots deeper into the base. She definitely does not seem to care about following any permissions and intrudes anywhere and everywhere she can. From how often she's adjusting her glasses it seems that she's not used to wearing them for anything other than a 'clever' disguise. ]

Hmmmmm, not here either. Maybe I got the wrong place...

[2] [Sorta Locked/Frontdated]
[With things seemingly settled between himself and Aegis, Willis was once again brooding on one of the rooftops of Sakihama in the middle of the night. There was still left with one things still looming over him even after what happened through the week. Given that Silvius wasn't there he had a feeling he knew exactly where the Aegis CEO was. The thought left a bad feeling at the bottom of his gut. Even if it was easier he didn't like the fact that something so close to him was being handled by someone else, even said someone else was his former boss.

Once again he pulled out the rings he kept so close to him, perhaps hoping that it would help him figure out exactly what he wanted to do now.]

Where are you now...
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I have seen more bizarre attempts at burying the hatchet. But not by much.
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Every time you appear, your allegiance is a mystery. Sometimes you are our opponents, sometimes allies. Sometimes, both at once.

What guarantee do I have that this alliance will last?
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Very well then. Hopefully you will not have a change of heart after this crisis is taken care of.

Willis. Are you going to say something, or is your shock permanent?