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[With the ancient computer system recovered it wouldn't be long before Leos would be escorted off the Unity Group base that the shuttle returned to and back to the institute to continue his recovery, so he simply sat quietly as he turned the unopened pudding cup in his hands round and round. It felt... odd to say the least. Encountering Nineball again was an unexpected and even frightening moment yet...]

Blaming someone for doing something they feel is right when they're broken... it'd be pretty hypocritical of me...

[Where he could have chosen to keep hating it, even after finding out it was responsible for the Vagan and possibly even the Meganoids... he chose to understand and forgive. As he said... there was no point in trying to hate something for being damaged, not when the right thing to do was to reach out and help them find their way... just like his friends had done for him.]

Did I finally do the right thing?.... Feels like it...

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[Setsuko approaches and puts a hand on Leos' shoulder in a comforting way.]

You did well.
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Yes, it's different. That's because you did something good... good for everyone.

[Setsuko seems wistful for a moment.]
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No, no. It's nothing.

[She's quick to assure Leos.]

It's just that...

We really had to go through a lot to reach where we are now. Didn't we?
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Thank you, Leos. I'm trying to hold up the Glory Star name and I think I wasn't doing that bad of a job...

But it feels nice to hear it from someone else. I appreciate it.
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You definitely did the right thing.

[Have a hand on the shoulder, and another celebratory pudding cup. Here Flit thought you hadn't grabbed one already, silly Flit.]

I had my doubts but... it ended that fight a lot sooner than it would've otherwise. And with the computing unit intact too.
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...Judging good and evil is a hard thing, but...


[Eva gives a kindhearted smile.]

Welcome back.