(Also backdated for Christmas)

[In case that other big Christmas giveaway was more than a tad disappointing for you, worry not!  Because other, more personalized gifts were also given away for everyone.  Some were more heartfelt, like a framed photograph of the original Glory Stars team for Setsuko o a large bag of sweets for Kei.  Others were more troll-y... like a gradient scale guide to measure if someone was wearing black or not for Roger or a pilot roster so Roy would have no excuse for not knowing people's names.  Others still blended the two together, like a Dinobot-sized copy of "The Art of War" with a bunch of blank pages and the phrase "and Grimlock" written on masking tape underneath its author's name.  After all, if you couldn't laugh on Christmas, when could you laugh?

[And the secret Santa who gave you all of these?  Well she's slumped over in the kitchen, Elma giving her yet another cup of coffee...]

Gracias Elma... couldn't have done it without you.

Well you shouldn't have to do anything on your own.  I just hope your gift for Princess Armana goes over-

This is incredible!

[And there Armana goes, entirely engrossed her Polystation as if it's the most amazing thing ever.  Selena just looks on as she runs past, then looks back at Elma... and holds out her cup again.  Sasuge Grace.]

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Well, there's your problem. Don't you know? Princesses always prefer bawdy peasant stuffs they're never familiar with in the aristocracy as a present.
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Well. Someone is happy to receive that thing, at least.
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A Christmas miracle that really burned you out for some reason, Selena.

Well, Lurians are our friends, aren't they? Or at the very least they're attacked by Balmarians just as we are.
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[Setsuko's expression grows serious, both at the mention of the Chimera - and what she's going to say now.]

I'm pretty sure Luria doesn't exist. There's no such planet that is waging a war with the Balmary empire.

But... there is at least one Lurian, if by Lurian we mean someone who decided to escape Balmar and oppose it, and was chased by Balmarians because of it.

Wouldn't you agree?
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But on the other hand, they're on the quiet recently... maybe they gave up? It's too much to hope, isn't it?

Whatever the truth may be, it will come up to the light when the situation calls for it. And until that time - it's the Princess of Luria we're playing hosts to, aren't we?