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1. *All of you wake up at christmas day with a box of present relatively nearby. Or find that in front of your room if you're a creature that never sleep. And inside the box, is a randomly shaped cheap off-brand handheld console with technology at least a century late, and a single printed card, with a clip art of santa and the word: Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!*

2. *You see Grace excitedly waving a receipt.*

It's a Christmas miracle!

Remember those orphans at the Batavia Fleet? Well, I kinda worked with the caretaker of their orphanage to give each of them one of my uhm, rejected merchandise, and to some other kids the orphanage caretaker know. And you know what? Just this morning, I got news that some guy or the other heard about that, and because of that he learned that I have a huge amount of cheap non-branded consoles, and he want to buy the rest of them!

Well, I'm not stupid, and of course I thought it might be a scam or a con, but he paid it upfront as proof of his good will! I just got the transfer confirmed! He's currently transferring the goods from my rental storage in Jakarta now.

Is this... is this what's called good karma? Is this why people give things?

I... I think my heart had just grown three sizes today. If I knew about this before, I'd give more things to orphans or whatever earlier...
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Oh. That's... nice. Thank you very much, Santa.

[Setsuko wonders if she's been cursed.]
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I don't think orphans work like an investment bank.
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[When Armana awakes, she's met with two presents in fact. The cheap electronic... and then another gift, with much more ornate wrapping and clearly much more thought and effort put into it.]

He came...? He actually did come!

[The Princess opens the box first, finds the that cheap console, turns it on and...]

... This... is... incredible!

[Hours later and she's completely forgotten the other gift entirely.]
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Re: 1

A gift from Santa Claus... my first gift ever, actually!

It's absolutely fascinating! We don't have devices like these back home!
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Re: 1

That's exactly how Elma described him; a judge of right and wrong, rewarding the good while mercifully only punishing the bad with a token identifying them as such.

Such a gift like this though... I never received anything like it on Bal- On Luria!

[There she'd gone, almost letting things slip with how caught up in holiday spirit she'd been getting!]
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[Kagura picks up the game console with two fingers, like someone picking up something particularly disgusting]

This has to be the shadiest, most poorly manufactured piece of technology I have ever seen. And I worked with mad scientists.