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Recent developments with the Lady and the Discovery prompted some to mention a particular Kijin organization as a potential source of artifacts.

Because of this, those who are interested may participate in a hastily organized visit to the once grand estate that was the headquarters of the Gloster Foundation. There are things to be discussed.

After the events almost a year ago, the place is definitely not what it once was: buildings are still damaged, and while some are being rebuilt, others have been abandoned. The giant, lavish manor that was the administrative building, where Seta's coming of age ceremony was held, is one of the latter.

A gloomy atmosphere looms over the area, complete with a sky laden with overcast.

Among those who decided to come, one person is a special case: a certain horned girl, who received a personal invitation from the new leaders of the Foundation...


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[After it was known that Carina's faction was part of Cambio Protocol, it was decided that Lenore, who still held Kazan, would be at greater risk participating in the mission. She ended up not sortieing despite her insistence.

That bothers her, though not as much as what happened at the end of the mission. Since she was in the SSR before as well, Brye and Rani's departure from both groups was not welcome news...and then there was the revelation of Commander Linjun trying to discredit the UG using the two as spies, putting her in an unfavorable position by association.

It's generally not a good time to be former SSR.

Feeling rather lost, she stands before the hangar station that once held the Grungust Alpha and Huckebein Omega, looking up at the empty space where the machines would have been.]

We didn't know each other that well. But, we fought together even before the Unity Group. I...I don't think that you're bad people at all. Although...


I don't understand. Does changing this world your own way really mean that much...?
[Lenore suddenly finds herself in a barren, desert-like area, with clear blue skies above. She immediately knows something isn't right, since she remembers being in a fight only moments ago.]

This again...

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1. [A certain Kijin awakens in the infirmary, in one piece thanks to Roy's intervention.]


[She is mostly fine, if a bit drained, which only leaves getting the answers needed...]


2. [Eventually, Lenore manages to make her way to the tree where Seta's message was written. She gazes down at the words, and exhales.]

It's hard to figure out exactly what you're like...

But, you did save me, so I'll take your word for it. I'll stay here.
So at the end of that fiasco, the mysterious horned girl escaped. The surrounding area is vast, even if she possesses unusual physical characteristics, it can't be too difficult to flee.

But, you should know your Kijin better than that, right?

Wandering the city not long after the mission may lead you to an encounter with the girl in one of a few situations...


1. [A vending machine looks like it has been run over by a vehicle, and an unhappy policeman is giving the girl a scolding. She stays where she is and listens.]

Yes...I understand. I'll be more careful next time...

But for now I have to...

[Unfortunately, the officer, thinking that she's one of the district's cosplayers, continues his lecture about respecting public property...

So much for a flawless escape.]


2. [Towards the end of the day, a bench in a quiet park is where she sits. Staring into space and looking not only directionally challenged, but also troubled.]

I did that much to her, and she just shrugged it off.

She isn't a normal Kijin...