I think that's enough for now, you two.

[Project Unification wasn't the only one to fight the Lost Seekers, obviously. Setsuko met some (alternate universe versions of) old friends during the fight at Sakihama - the Glory Stars are reunited again! And now, they return from mobile suit training, just like old times. But unlike old times, it's not Denzel who is the non-sweaty one...]

Glory Star shenanigans )


[Somehow, the training she had with Glory Stars put Setsuko in a pensive mood, and now she's pondering things over a sweets-and-drinks celebration.]

The Sphere...

Edel is stopped, Asakim is dead, but the Sphere is still active. I can feel its power even now, feeding on despair.

[That the cake in front of Setsuko tasted mostly like nothing is proof of that. Her taste has yet to return.]

But... we won't just succumb to it, right? I know everyone, I know you won't. Even as the Lady is trying to make this world hers, we'll see this through to the end. We'll come out on the other side, looking forward to a better tomorrow.

And, I will too.

"Greetings, citizens of the world."

The nature behind Lowen General's ominous statement now reveals itself. Major news sites and channels are all simultaneously hijacked by a video feed showing a woman - no, not just any woman. The Chimera leader.

"My name is Edel Bernal, an ex-Major in the ESUN military. Currently I am the leader of a small group known as Chimera - but with these very words, that group is no more! No, from now on Chimera becomes an independent, political entity. We are not a country, but something greater than one. A country is determined by territory it holds. We live in an era of information, and this is what Chimera controls - information!"

"Every bit of information available online, every bit that has passed through online networks, is known by us, thanks to the power of the UN Servers. I must say, there is quite a lot of it, including important military secrets and dirty mysteries some corrupt politicians would prefer not to come to light... but bane be to them. We announce a new world order! An order where the corrupt and selfish no longer hold the population in an iron hand, an order that won't repeat mistakes and internal, self-centered politicking of ESUN. An order dedicated to truth, and good of all of mankind."

"We humbly ask you only to recognize Chimera's sovereignity. Even if stuffy officials disagree, you know the truth within your heart. As soon as time comes and nations of the world become ready, we will approach them for closer cooperation. Let us move towards a brighter future, together."

The hijack ends as abruptly as it started.
(This is a reaction/mingle prompt)


"Well. That was awkward."

"I can't believe it! He played us like a fiddle."

Toby and Denzel - or rather, their alternate versions, are angry, beaten up, and their machines are wrecked. But they're alive.

Apologies )
1. "DODS guns... eyeballs... Hey, cut it out! I'm trying to work here!"

*Walt lifts his eyes from his notepad to yell toward the group of people playing three-on-three basketball in the hangar, near the line of Genoaces.

The 8th Genoace team glance at him for a second, before continue laughing and playing their game, leaving Walt back to his grumbling and writing.*

" ....grumble... mumble... .good for nothing... bunch of... insensitive..."

" grumble....stupid ....survivors.... Thank you for surviving this far...."

2.Talk to the basketball players? Or even join them?

[After successfully getting everyone dragged back to Earth for some much needed maintenance, Kei could be found quite visibly angry at something. Probably Shu, going by the looks she's sending him.]

Just what was he thinking?


[A while later after everything's settled down and everyone has had a chance to rest and recover from the operation, Kei has decided to make use of the teleporter at Shu's base to go back to La Gias to have a look at the place.]

Does sun never move down here?


[Backdated to just before "War of Myths"]

Sometime in the wee hours of the evening, a large, unmarked flatbed trailer rolls it's way into grounds of Saikhama base, parking itself in the hanger bay by an unused mech gantry. The moment the trailer stops, orange suited technicians rush out of the side doors and pull the tarp off of Solaris's latest creation:


As they begin to hoist the mech up to a standing position with cranes, one of the technicians takes a step away, looks around, and sees some familiar faces.

She waves with her clipboard. "YO! Mizuki my girl! Miss Harper! Look what I brought for you guys!


[After "The War of Myths Mission"]

In the wake of the battle with ancient gods, the senior Solaris technician looks up at the fearsome ScarleTiger, newly baptized in battle.

Specifically, she's staring slack-jawed at the various bit's of damage it's suffered.

Finally, she groans and turns away.

"Nope. NoNoNope. Screw it; I'll fix it tomorrow."

[During the last mission Strahlend was torn apart, impaled by the claw of a dragon, struck by lightning and crushed into scrap. Despite the damage, the machine somehow returned to the hangar of Alhambra Base in working condition. The medical crews practically leaped onto the machine after it landed. Forcing Willis onto a stretcher and bringing him into the infirmary immediately.

Anyone who visits after the medical team finally finished looking at him would find Willis working at yet another mountain of plates with a single fork in his right hand. The extent of his injuries can be seen on the convenient X-Rays scans posted nearby. Both his legs and left arm were completely crushed and most of his ribs were cracked.  In fact, he hasn't even been bandaged up. Apparently he told the medical staff that it would be a waste. The only thing he requested was a large meal. From the large hole in the right side of his undershirt it's easy to tell that the dragon also got a bit of him when it impaled the machine.  The fact that he was even conscious made no sense.]

[2] [Exactly one day later]

[Willis is up and about, walking around the base like the previous day never happened. The man had somehow healed up from his injuries bizarrely fast. Considering that his legs were just a mangled mess the previous day, it's a rather miraculous recovery. ]


[It's late at night and Willis seems to be watching the footage from the later part of the fight with the Kijin and AEG. When the strange crystalline machines show up on the screen Willis' expression noticeably changes into one that can only be described as pure hate.]

They really do act just like...

[Willis manages to catch himself and shakes his head in order to keep himself from thinking about his past.]
1. [Immediately post-Mt. Daisetzu]
[Those present for the mission in Hokkaido already have some idea, but for others it may be a nasty surprise when Getter Robo returns, and out steps - that guy who hijacked it and tried to trash Saotome Labs, and who's been cooling his heels in a cell since. Now unrestrained, and apparently not even under guard, and looking rather pleased with himself. Well, he did help save Denzel and a bunch of civilians, after all! For certain values of "saved", given the civilians' condition, but that's not his fault.

So this fine gentleman now has the run of Sakihama Base, apparently, and soon enough appears around Fort Alhambra and even the Star Rose. Granted, he doesn't seem to be up to anything obvious, and if any blood has been let in the process, none of it got on him...]

2. [Network broadcast]
[Shortly after Getter's return, a worn-looking and grumpy (but that's no change from normal) Professor Saotome makes a video broadcast.]

I'll make this short. Arrangements have been made for Hayato Jin to pilot Getter Robo. For the time being, he's forbidden to leave any UG base or my labs unescorted, and is under full surveillance within them. He knows not to give us any reason to limit him more than this. I trust all UG personnel will exercise similar restraint.

The Reptiloids are growing more daring. We do not have time to spare for squabbling among ourselves.
What kind of bullshit "training exercise" was that?!

[Post-mission, the Glory Stars are in varying degrees of upset. Toby is furious for example. He paces between the two others, standing underneath their mobile suits after Virgolas are safely in the hangar.]

Using Grungust I can understand, but to set that crazy woman on us and make us think she wants to kill everyone? What kind of purpose does that serve!

She was so skilled... if she was serious, Tarisa and everyone else who tried to stop her would be...

[Including Setsuko, yes. She does not forget being swatted aside like a noisy fly.]

And the BETA! You said it yourself, this is a bit too much of a coincidence that they attacked just then. Right? Why don't you say something now, Chief?!

[The two look at Denzel, the Glory Star Leader with a serious face as he ponders silently. Finally he opens his eyes.]

Has there ever been an encounter with the BETA with only 1% casualty rate?

[Have you something to add to the discussion?]
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[Yuuya stands in his regular uniform on the catwalk looking up at the Shiranui Second with a troubled look on his face. It seems something has him displeased and he's come here to try to puzzle it out.]

It bothers you doesn't it, your low scores on the test missions? [Vincent gives a slight wave as Yuuya is shaken from his reverie.]

I'll be the first to vouch that you're a top-class pilot in an American TSF but if tuned and built the Shiranui Second like that then the Japanese pilots would be having the same problem you are.

American TSFs are built to be straightforward, you tell it to go here and the machine does it, direct action to reaction. A Japanese pilot will use the shape of the frame to his advantage, let the angle of the sensor mast make small course corrections or use the knife sheathe to generate lift and turn a horizontal cut into a diagonal slash.

So that's what she meant by "A horse and it's rider are one". Stupid way to go about saying that.

Oh and might that she be Lt. Takamura? You know if you're so interested in getting to know how to "ride" the Shiranui Second maybe you ought to try your luck with her.

[The venom in Yuuya's comeback leaves most of the hanger staff confused but the ones close enough to have overheard are seen trying to stifle or hide laughter.]

All right, all right, I'm sorry, bad joke. But it's probably time that you opened up your eyes a bit more my friend. Yui and Ken aren't all that different from you, what does that mean for the others?

[With that parting shot Vincent leaves and a particularly pensive Yuuya stands looking up at the unit in front of him.]
*The 8th Genoace Team has been helping the evacuation of South Ataria Island for a while, and now Walt is drinking coffee in a cafetaria somewhere in between the evacuation effort.*

Another alien enemy appears, eh? And it makes our newest flagship looks like a toy with their size and their number.

Like we don't have our hand full with the UE and Wulgaru already, with their superior number and technology...

And there's this species of robots in disguise who've been fighting since before we even raised the great pyramids...

Oh wait, and it turned out that some other alien species might've toyed with us to make us build the great pyramids...

Mankind is really just an insignificant speck of dust in the universe...
It's a party! Cathy and Liz had their first real honest live-fire people-are-trying-to-kill-us-but-we're-alive deployment at Nora, and not only did they successfully not die, they even helped save the day! Setsuko likewise had her own professional debut in the field of not-dying during the hostage rescue! Good Idea Bear Cathy of course decided this calls for a night on the town. The Star Rose! Tourists, socialites, and Nora refugees looking to celebrate their own not-dying! Dinner! Drinks! Dancing! Young adults in high-risk professions bonding!

1. [semi-locked to invitees]
Setsuko seems the skittish sort, so Cathy's easing in to this with a simple meal in a nice restaurant - there are plenty of those in a location like the Star Rose! She's found a moderately classy Indonesian place, but not so classy as to throw off the mood for the rest of the evening she has planned. Of course, the more's the merrier, so she's sounded out a few other of the soldier types of drinking age in the Unity Group to come along!

[Please ping me if you want to be one of the people invited! Of course, you might still run in to the group regardless, here or in the second prompt.]

2. [free for all]
Food's good and all, but its real function is to give soakage for drinks and energy for dancing! Do you stick with the group as they hit the bars and clubs, or run in to them there?

3. [point and laugh]
The morning after the night before! Well, morning by the clock, anyway, even if they kind of blended together. Whoever've lasted through the night are making their way home, some with some practice, others stumblingly. Are you among them, or up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to mock their debauchery?

[Let's say this takes place after the Symphormers mission but before Macross. Continuity is flexible, so you can still be hungover for the latter, or not.]
What... happened out there? What happened to me?

[During the mission, Setsuko's Virgola unit 3 was in Gauron-related distress but was suddenly shifted a long distance away from the battlefield. It was fished off the ocean and its pilot is fine, but she has a billion questions. And no answers.]

That was my mistake. I underestimated that asshole's capabilities. If something happened to you, I wouldn't forgive myself.

Everything ended fine in the end, so just be glad and don't worry!

Chief, lt Watson... I suppose you are right. There is no use worrying about it.

But I still need to know.

[Have you anything to say to the Glory Stars?]
A semi-truck pulled up outside the main entrance of Fort Alhambra. The driver, a powerfully built bearded man, leaned out of the window and peered up at the fort. After a moment, he rolled the window back up and got out, ambling unhurriedly over to the security gate so he could talk to the guard about a visitor's pass or something.

As Unity Group had no scheduled meeting with a fellow named Njall Erlandson, his request for entry took it's sweet time working it's way up the chain of command, but he had no problem waiting. Anyone entering or exiting the base could find him sitting against the wheel of his truck (Now parked safely out of the way of traffic.), with his hands behind his head as he stared at the scattered clouds drifting across the sky, apparently lost in his own thoughts.

[Later, after he presumably was allowed into the RP, ICly, there was a video post!]

Hello, Unity Group. Took a bit of work, but I've gotten signed on as part of your merry band.

Call me Njall.

[It's pretty late in the day, but there's still some activity in the hangar as a green unit is docked in one of the unoccupied stations.]

And...there! Good work, all of you; I'll take it from here. Thanks for the help!

[May waves over at the group of technicians, who either nod, give a thumbs up or wave back, and proceed to depart. They've got a lot of other things to do after all.

Soon enough, only the Lynx and her machine are left. She places a hand on her hip and looks up at Merrygate's mostly featureless head.]

Finally. Back to business as usual, then.




[May has continued to do what she's been doing in some of her spare time since she arrived: that is, checking out the wilderness surrounding Fort Alhambra. While she's outdoors, she's got a green long-coat on over her usual attire. Seems like the history of the place has drawn her here.]

So, this must be what they were talking about...

[Before her lies what looks like a gigantic piece of armor that was probably once part of a mecha. Goodness knows what it used to be attached to though, because exposure to the elements has reduced it to a large rusty piece of metal. There are probably more strewn across the area.]
[1 - Few days before the Anouncement]

I really don't get why I'm being put over here.

[Ryuichi is standing with a few bags talking to...what honestly could be confused for his mom considering how he's pouting like the first day of school. But it's not, she's coming off just a touch too condescending.]

"Now now, you promised to serve Romana and protect the Earth she loves however you could. These are the guys best suited to handle giving you those tasks."

I suppose...still though, shouldn't one of the more experienced guys be handling this?

"They've all got their own duties. You have everything you need so just make friends okay?"

[Little boy blue sighs, but smiles all the same. Really he's just anxious but the reassurance from his handler has him excited to meet his allies and see what sort of technology is around here. With a nod she leaves him to get situated by himself.]

[2 After de Anouncement]

[He didn't really catch most of it because he was wearing to his headphones, but the bit from Huffman caught his attention. He let out a nervous laugh, because seriously, what kind of joke is that.]

I hope that isn't how he usually does things.
I mean it's funny in retrospect, but I'm too young for a heart attack.
And so's the top guy from the sounds of it.

[[Now you'll meet someone who isn't on base, rather, a supporter, and even a sponsor. However this is coming in over broadcast]]

Good afternoon everyone. I'm Banjou Haran, a member of your group, as well as one of your sponsors. I won't be found in any of the bases today, but I hear that many new supporters and recruits are pouring in, so I thought it appropriate to introduce myself to you all. Perhaps soon we'll all meet in person at my estate.

[[Behind Banjou are four others, though...

His trusted butler, Garrison.

The lovely blonde, Beauty (that's her name, promise)

The skilled INTERPOL agent, Reika.

And the token brat, Toppo.]]

But I'm more than just a sponsor for the group. I'll also be helping you against the Meganoid menace plaguing our planet, as well as many others. Should you ever need the Power of the Sun, then look no further to Daitarn 3!

[[And the feed remains open, seemingly LIVE, so you might have a conversation with him, though one by one his friends disperse.]]
[Backdated to only a few days or so before the Unity Group opening, a trio of blue mobile suits arrive at Alhambra Base. And their squad leader is the first to introduce himself.]

Greetings. You might be wondering what the three new arrivals in the hangars are - they're Virgola mobile suits, test units for a future mass-produced series. And we're here to be their test pilots, Glory Stars at your service!

My name's Denzel Hammer, and these two are my subordinates. Lt 1st class Toby Watson.

Hey, nice to meet y'all!

And 2nd Lt Setsuko Ohara, a new member of the team.

It is... a pleasure to meet you.

We're here to do tests, gather combat data and such, but don't worry, we'll fight too! If there's a combat, Glory Stars got your back.

[After the opening announcement.]

What was that supposed to be?

[Denzel and Toby are sharing drinks in the mess hall and laughing good naturedly about the broadcast's awkwardness. Setsuko is nowhere to be seen.]