[With the amount of people turning up to help empower the Anti-Lady weapon it was for certain that there'd be civilians who would have had to bring their children with them, or that had to wait a long while before they were brought in. That being the case it seems that a few well meaning Cybertronians had some ideas to keep people entertained as things drew on.]

Cut for massive length )

[And soon a number of other a number of other shows of skill are displayed for the entertainment of all. An insane show of swordfighting skill and a makeshift airshow complete with daring maneuvers through the Sakihama skyline being some of the acts. Admittedly the show had to stop when Hot Rod's attempt at a daredevil stunt off a ramp dented his fender... among other things. But otherwise morale was up and the kids were happy.]

[With that out of the way the Cybertronians were available for conversation.]

[Hot Rod, Ratchet and Drift who are dealing with the aftermath of the stunt.]

[Thundercracker who is trying to watch some TV on a portable screen while Skywarp bothers him]

[Tailgate who is eagerly speaking of the day's events to a large and intimidating figure who looks very much like Unicron's minion Cyclonus.]

[Windblade who is perhaps the first female cybertronian anyone on earth has ever seen]

[The Constructicons... who are for the most part moping.]