"This is it."

Time has passed after the Lady has fallen and Apollonius "Loni" Gavin was dealt with for the final time. It seems as if Earth became a peaceful place - possibly an illusion, as true peace is never permanent. Someone will always fight, or abuse others for personal gain. Even now, troublesome and worryig groups are somewhere out there, some outside Earth and some within human society. The rogue Zentradi, VIPER, greedy eminences who guided Fumerco and so many more...

And yet, dangers - the type that can be fought by an organisation like Unity Group, are for now over. Little by little Project Unification was nearing disbanding, and now it is truly over.

"Huffman left already, to deal with his 'research'. Looks like everyone's returning to their old pre-UG posts. I'll miss commanding a ragtag bunch instead of an actual military unit."

"A ragtag bunch that the media is mad about. Don't get swarmed by reporters or let that fame get to your heads. But then, I suppose you all are part of the group that saved the world."

"We'd never do that if Project Unification didn't work together. I won't forget that: I know many of our members are going back to civilian life, but if you want to transfer to one of ESUN's other units, there's a commendation waiting. And not just from me - Kazahara said he hopes he'll get to see some of you again. If he misbehaves just tell me... Is this still recording?"

"Of course it is. It always is."



All the time, Inspector Jou kept to himself. He is one of the last few to leave Sakihama Base.

"My millenia-old mission is over. Maybe now I'll be able to die in peace, without regrets."

"But for now, there's still life ahead of me. Ahead of everybody."

The story is over. But even if it's not being recorded, even if history's annals have nothing to say about it - life goes on.

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