[Most of the stuff in Asagi's room is packed already. After all, it won't be long till all the Rabbits leave... And then most likely go separate ways, each pursuing education in the institution of their choice. Finally, after spending so much time fight, after being literally created to fight, they get to know freedom, and be able to make their own decisions.

Asagi's not in his room, though. He's outside, on the roof - and breathes in deeply, taking in the sight before him.]

Recently, the world feels... different, somehow. More tranquil.
[With the members of Project Unity began to head their separate ways, one of the first to arrive at the Unity Group wanders around the now abandoned bases. What was once three different operating bases had been reduced to one and yet their success spoke for itself. After everything that Willis had gone through, losing friends, gaining them, reuniting with lost loved ones, traveling to new worlds. Being able to take in a quiet moment without having to worry about a thing was a much deserved break for him. Given the numerous abrupt endings he'd gotten accustomed to in his life this was a very welcome change.

Of course, he knew that it wouldn't last very long and despite the many things that were finally settled for him in the last few months there was plenty of clean-up work to do. Setsuna herself had told him about the corrupt elements in his deceased friend's company along with the unknown loose threads that might have still existed in Caduceus itself. He had to ensure that the U.I.I.N technology wouldn't be abused any further or worse yet used to ruin any more lives. Thankfully he wasn't the only one who thought the same. Between the remaining members of Aegis, himself and Leigh, and to his surprise Elys' own sister Freya; who had once challenged her for control of Ono-Sendai. They all shared the same goal of repairing the damage done to the Olympios Conglomerate and making amends for the numerous problems they had caused through their decades of inaction.

As Willis took this time to himself, his fiancee went ahead to get things in order. Returning Amagahara to Freya among numerous other things in preparation. Unlike Willis she wasn't a member of the Unity Group so being able to quietly slip away was simple enough for her.

Once Willis was finally ready to leave he didn't have much to pack.]

"...and that's pretty much everything, technically this is a hostile takeover but we'll be working in Aegis again with Freya's support...if things go well without a hitch. If something comes up....well I'm sure we'll figure it out.

...I'll get to see you soon, right?"

Yeah, I'm just taking care of a few last things. I'll be there soon, promise.

"Alright, just don't make me wait too long"

[Willis gives a quick nod and wave before closing the call with Leigh before rubbing the back of his head and letting out a small sigh.]

To think I'd be working in Aegis again...

[Much like how he arrived Willis seems to be preparing to leave with nothing more than Strahlend and the jacket on his back.]

I should probably say goodbye or something, but at this point I'm kinda sick of it. I'm sure I'll see most of you again so there's not a lot of point in making any final goodbyes, is there?

See you later fits more I think.
"You' think you're being serious?!?  This is a joke!"

[Peace had settled across Earth and space, yes.  But for Ana Racik, there was still one last obstacle to overcome, and one last ball and chain around her ankle to cut loose.]

I already told you, I'm not going back home with you.  You're going to need to think up some pasttime other than making me your toy now.

[And standing opposite of Ana, now in civilian clothes, is her ever-so-lovely grandmother.  A certain set of documents, notarized just hours before, are firmly clenched in her hand.  Resignation papers.]

"So then what?  I suppose you've found some private outfit then willing to take on a maimed test pilot?   The Raciks have friends in the private sector too, or are you forgetting your family history now?"

You don't have friends everywhere.  I'd rattle them off for you, but I'd rather not give you any ideas on where else to expand to.

"The nerve!  You think you know what's best for you?  Look at how going your own path turned out for you, being tossed from test group to test group-"

And you're to blame for that.

"Then the Unity Group and then over to the SSR... quite the organization that turned out to be!  Ran into the ground and needing to draw on every able-bodied pilot it could.  And then back with 'Project Unification'.  Well, no matter.  Enjoy your ever-crashing life, Anastacia.  In the meantime you might find your pension payments oddly delayed.  You are quite right that I don't have friends everywhere... but sometimes all you need is one somewhere."


"Nothing to say?  Not even the self-preservation to think about grovelling?"

... Actually, if you really want something.

[It's petty, but she has a sense of where this leads.  She takes a step closer... and spits in her grandmother's face.]

Fuck you, you bitch of a hag!

[There's a flash of shock in old lady Racik's eyes, before a hand suddenly flies to slap Ana.  It's caught easily in one hand, clenched tightly.  And when one of her aide's rushes to try to apprehend Ana-]

Don't even try it!

[She thrusts out her prosthetic.  The man's too far away for a punch, but the sudden hiss of compressed air and magnetic inversions gives but a second's forewarning before the fist launches out, Rocket Punch-style and cold cocks him before returning to the limb.  She lets go of her grandmother's own, pushing her away.]

Give it up, old lady.

I'm done with you, and I'm done with your family.

"I'd almost applaud your commitment if not for fear that you broke my wrist..  But with that kind of attitude, your commitment won't put food on the table, or make friends for you out there.  Keep that in mind come the winter holidays, Ana.  You'll always have a place at home for them, though after that display I think it'll be outside, freezing in the cold, alone and hungry."

[Still rubbing her wrist, Ana's grandmother smiles, thinking she's got the final word here.  But that's all just the cue for someone else to speak up.]