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"This is it."

Time has passed after the Lady has fallen and Apollonius "Loni" Gavin was dealt with for the final time. It seems as if Earth became a peaceful place - possibly an illusion, as true peace is never permanent. Someone will always fight, or abuse others for personal gain. Even now, troublesome and worryig groups are somewhere out there, some outside Earth and some within human society. The rogue Zentradi, VIPER, greedy eminences who guided Fumerco and so many more...

And yet, dangers - the type that can be fought by an organisation like Unity Group, are for now over. Little by little Project Unification was nearing disbanding, and now it is truly over.

"Huffman left already, to deal with his 'research'. Looks like everyone's returning to their old pre-UG posts. I'll miss commanding a ragtag bunch instead of an actual military unit."

"A ragtag bunch that the media is mad about. Don't get swarmed by reporters or let that fame get to your heads. But then, I suppose you all are part of the group that saved the world."

"We'd never do that if Project Unification didn't work together. I won't forget that: I know many of our members are going back to civilian life, but if you want to transfer to one of ESUN's other units, there's a commendation waiting. And not just from me - Kazahara said he hopes he'll get to see some of you again. If he misbehaves just tell me... Is this still recording?"

"Of course it is. It always is."



All the time, Inspector Jou kept to himself. He is one of the last few to leave Sakihama Base.

"My millenia-old mission is over. Maybe now I'll be able to die in peace, without regrets."

"But for now, there's still life ahead of me. Ahead of everybody."

The story is over. But even if it's not being recorded, even if history's annals have nothing to say about it - life goes on.

[No responses to NPCs here. Instead, this is a post for writing what happened to your characters after the game ended. Or you can write your own dedicated post, as was already the case for several characters.

This is the final mod-written post of the game. Thanks for staying with us, everyone!]
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Izuru went through a brief time as an instructor himself, sharing his experience with a new generation of Majestic Princes. But his goal was to see the stars, and that's what he did. As a space explorer he visited planets - Cybertron, Geb, and so many others, uninhabited or not!

But even if he was gone for long periods of time sometimes, he never forgot who he left on Earth. His friends, his family, and Kei.

His drawing skills have eventually gotten better through sheer practice. Well, okay - a little better.
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Only a few months after Project Unification disbanded, Setsuko Ohara disappeared. Dimensional quakes returned briefly, and she, Rand, Mel and Crowe went on their own to investigate them - only to be thrown to a totally different world.

They returned a long time later, bearing new stories. A story about a king who searched for a new home for his people, but who had to be stopped. And a story that brought them all one step closer to understanding what the Spheres really are...
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Sielje was the Ankaian envoy to ESUN for many years. The envoy was pressured at times by people from either side, but she always did what she felt was the best for her home planet. Eventually she became known as Lady Sielje the Temperant - a title acquired not for her power, but for her efforts to bring the two worlds together.

Ankaia managed to survive. Earth technology and tourism slowly propagated through the world, but it didn't lose its cultural identity.

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And finally, for my characters not in the game anymore

Chris came to terms with what happened to her parents, and how she truly felt about them. With Genjurou as her foster parent, she enrolled in Lyrian - eventually making some friends, and even becoming a senpai to a certain pair of fools...

Though neither of them got to see it, the better world Brye wanted together with Rani did come to be - not as ideal and flawless as the dream, but that is good enough.
The Grunbein wasn't replicated and the unusual reactions of its TK system didn't return. But sometimes, when the situation seems the darkest, sensitive types may detect a fleeting presence - of the duo, or a certain commander-in chief...

Only a few Kin more were born from their facility before it broke down. Analysis of data from the facility revealed glimpses of historical records - ones that reveal significant differences between the Kins' history and ours. Their future is very unlikely to come true.
Without psychic abilities, the Kin were not too different from humans with some strange genetic quirks. They lived the rest of their lives doing various things, but generally: in peace.
As long as memory lives on, Ren is never truly gone.
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Leos & Lana

Leos Klein. The Mercenary. The Nine-Breaker. Leader of the Frighteners. A Murderer who had much blood on his hands. The man who would have brought down Phobos upon the Earth... found peace. His therapy continued and though it would be a long while before he would be allowed to venture into the world without the supervision of others, he found a life beyond fighting.

Though he could not change the world through violence... he was able to do so in the peaceful life his friends had granted to him. He continued to assist Flit in researching the ancient Martian technologies and the children's books he spent time writing - all of which were well disguised exploits of the Unity Group - later Project Unification - made fit for public consumption continued to draw a surprising amount of interest.

Lana 'Zwei' Nielsen had a peculiar family, but one she would not trade for anything in the world. Sometimes memories of her previous incarnation came back as time went on, causing her grief and nightmares... but she had a second chance. And one day she could make things right and make up for what had been done.

As Project: Formula Front grew in popularity, so did her media exposure. The reigning Champion - Hustler Nine and her AC Cueball (Sadly she was never able to correct the typo as the name was meant to be CuTeball). Yet she never put on airs or grew arrogant, instead encouraging her rivals and all contestants to train hard, have fun and give it everything they had. It was a game. It was their game. And they would have the time of their lives.
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With the New Golden Age of Cybertron finally coming to fruition, its people celebrated and rebuilt - though not all of them returned home. Many chose to explore the universe and others settled down on Earth, starting businesses and working for its inhabitants without worry.

Grimlock and the Dinobots would eventually take up that movie offer - and become action stars in the process.

Kup and Ironhide continue to trade quips, now simply training law enforcement on Cybertron.

Blaster and Bumblebee remained on Earth to explore.

Wheeljack continued to invent, now concentrating on inventions that improve lives.

Cliffjumper went off into the far reaches of space to lock horns with the scum of the universe.

Ratchet opened up a low cost clinic - hiring doctors of various species and spent the rest of his time doing humanitarian work. Drift volunteered at the clinic as an aide, giving the medic some goodnatured annoyance.

Thundercracker wrote a cheesy TV Series. It wasn't great, but it wasn't all that bad either. Skywarp got a chance to act in it and became universally loved for his antics.

Cyclonus and Tailgate became archaeologists, seeking out the remnants of their Cybertron to share with the Universe.

Windblade remained on Earth to help nurture Metroplex, and appreciated the tranquility that the wilds of the planet had to offer.

The Constructicons initially worked as a low cost construction company... however during a sudden terrorist attack they formed Devastator to protect the city. They now work as superheroes. Something they're very much surprised by themselves.

Red Alert took a long deserved vacation, becoming a regular visitor to a Resort established by the now Gone-Legit Swindle. His endorsement of Club Con and defense of it when Ultra Magnus arrived to tear it open believing it to be a front for a black market ensured that Decepticons would indeed not have to return to a life of violence to survive.

Wanting to avoid the mistakes of the past, the Cybertronian Senate was restructured to ensure that equality would reign supreme - and that another Great War would never come into existence. Inspired by the Gebians and Earth Politics, a number of parties were formed and represented in the Senate to protect the interests of their members. Two becoming the most influential.

Formed in response to the possibility of a future energy crisis, one of these parties sought many means from increased trade rights with Earth, Geb and other worlds, to research into miniaturization to conserve energy. This planning for 'Maximal' conservation would soon lead to them earning their name as a party.

The second was formed by the last remaining Predacon- Rampage. Inspired by members of the Chinese Government and a number of former Decepticons, he and the Tripedacus Council cooperated with Soundwave and did their best to safeguard Decepticon rights throughout the Cybertronian sphere - starting with the Great Accord.

In both the distant future and the past however - Predacon Dissidents forged from deep cover fanatics would attempt to change the course of history - only to be stopped by a team of Maximals... and the heroic sacrifices of Ravage - who fought to maintain the peace Soundwave kept long after his passing - and a Cybertronian simply known as Dinobot.
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Optimus Prime

As time passed on, Optimus felt a strange stirring in his spark... as if he was being called. Leaving the Matrix in the hands of the next generation, he strode forth into the depths of space.

In another time, another place he found himself battling against a mirror image of himself - Twisted and Tyrannical even beyond the scope of Megatron. Yet he was not alone. Carrying the memories of Earth, he fought alongside the Heroic Decepticons led by the humble mathematician Megatron.

No matter what - Optimus Prime would always fight for the Freedom of All Sentient Beings.

And in his place in his home universe, Hot Rod cautiously steps into his role as Rodimus Prime. Humbled by his many experiences and leaving behind his headstrong behavior to live up to the example of his predecessor.
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Volya and Interitus (and co.)

Volya continued his schooling. Though the years to come would be anything but normal, the presence of his friends and loved ones helped greatly. One day he would get that flower shop he always wanted. He still finds himself unable to stop from helping others when he can.

But where would Volya be without his partner Interitus? The friend who was by his side no matter what and more often than not dived headlong into danger with him? She often tagged along with him, to school and everywhere beyond. Regardless of her antics... Volya could not ask for a better person to hold his hand as they walked through life.

The Knights of the Guiding hand were not able to rebuild to their former glory. Despite that they pushed forward more determined than ever to do what was right and make up for their previous mistakes. The Revengers kept a close eye on them to ensure they never strayed.

Encouraged by Seraphina and Nathaniel, Percival hung up his sword for the time being to be a better father and hopefully... have a chance to be a better husband again.

The seeds the Black Garden left bloomed into beautiful flowers - eventually becoming a field of them. Volya, Interitus, David and Florian visited often to tend to them.
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Peola returned to Magnolys with her head held high. She would then find out much to her shock thar between her actions in the battle against the Lady - even though she was not present to fight her face to face - along with how things went with Ana that she had unsuspectedly pushed past her brother in the line of succession.

This time though... rather than turning away from her responsibilities she faced them head on. Intending to be the Queen her people needed her to be.

Ourania's bond with her sister recovered - the two becoming closer than ever. She however did not stop her mischief. Needless to say there were still many nobles checking their seats for spiders.

Salwah finally was able to join the Royal Guard, achieving her lifelong dream. She trained hard to ensure she would stay worthy of it.

Monika was brought into the palace as the royal musician. Nervous at first, her fingers plied her trade as they danced upon her harp, her voice artfully hitting every note... Monika would be known far and wide across Magnolys for her skills as a songstress.

Harunn, now no longer heir apparent had a cheerful grin on his face as he ran off to parts unknown with his most trusted soldier. Odds are they had eloped.

Cennetig and the Brotherhood took to the galaxy, seeking new 'siblings' to induct, honorable battles to fight and strong genes to add. It was slow going but they'll get somewhere.

Kliiment's family reentered the Royal Court... though not as influential as before. He and his mother continue to scheme to increase their influence.

Phannuhel spent much time hiding. He isn't sure when he can poke his head out again.

Unathi continued to rule until the day came for Peola to ascend the throne. Freed from his obligations as a monarch, he travelled to speak to his estranged wife to make peace with her. The pair disappeared for a while... but the ki master who Unathi had assigned to watch over the ferocious woman had said that when the pair left... they did so together. Smiling.
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Calvin Eldred Edwards and his pet Polarion Raptor Brân lived a quiet and peaceful life...

For all of a month and a half.

As it turns out there ended up being a zombie outbreak in the city he settled down in. Apparently the Parasol Pharmaceutical Company turned out to be responsible for creating a bioweapon that made the undead run amok.

Turns out they were a shell corporation for NeoVIPER. Who'd have thought?

On the plus side for Calvin and his ice spewing bird at least these were science zombies rather than the Paranormal kind.
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Skald sadly accepted his fate, taking his leave and becoming a housecat to young woman. Said young woman turned out to be one very familiar Princess - Armana Tikvah.

The Scion of the Skogkatt line when not spending his days jumping onto the Princess' lap and being a purring ball of fluff would be at the shoulder of Baran Doban.

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And of course Raleigh

With the PPDC gone, both Raleigh and Mako became instructors for military personnel - instilling camaraderie and trust among their trainees and encouraging them to craft a bond as strong as any Ranger Team's.

However as it turned out the creators of the Kaiju would attempt to make another go at Earth - this time with their monstrosities melded together with what was unmistakably their attempt at reproducing Jaeger technology.

But the lessons learned had led to swift responses. And it wasn't long before Gipsy Danger 2.0 walked the seas alongside a new generation of Jaegers - working in concert with numerous other mecha to drive the invaders back.
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Mizuki and Solaris

Having learned lessons about how to function and not live to merely defeat your adversaries, Solaris fared considerably better after the dissolution of Project Unification than they did when the Great Black Void was first defeated. Growing old and wishing to retire after nearly twenty-five years of leading the group, Director Harper began to take Mizuki under his wing and prepare her for leading the group. The plan was disaster relief, with David, Lagardia, and Zankuro to be trained to be a new Solaris team.

However, in the midst of the restructuring, danger struck. An abstract alien force attacked, using the Director as a vessel with which to manifest, and Mizuki barely defeating it and saving the Director though he was left comatose. Exhausted and bedridden, Mizuki was forced to stay on the sidelines as Acting Director, but resolved to see Solaris lead the charge against this new threat and stop it before it threatened the world.

Lagardia helpfully was able to explain that these entities were the "Empty Ones", creatures that could only exist in empty space, and who would reproduce by asexual division as the universe continued to expand. Their previous attempt at reproduction had occurred during the reign of, and been halted by, the Ebon Court. But there was no Court anymore. Someone else would have to ensure humanity's safety to take back the light and lives stolen by the Empty Ones.

And that team was... the SolTaker team!
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Flit Asuno

Flit continued to stay with Leos and Lana in their odd little family dynamic, providing some much-needed technical know-how and brains to it. His relationship with Leos was certainly... unusual. But there was nobody else he'd rather be with.

He would also never hesitate to rise in defense of Leos and Lana, to protect the innocent lives they had found for themselves after so much suffering and struggling. In contrast to his youth though, Flit approached combat with an even, arguably soft approach, only killing whenever it was absolutely necessary and otherwise using the AGE-1's Razor blades to safely dismember enemy.

The AGE System continued to be used to advance medical knowledge and humanity's understanding of the Universe, as opposed to developing weapons. At the top of its priorities was a cure to the radiation sicknesses that gripped much of the Vagan population, and afterwards a solution to the radiation shielding problem so colonization itself could begin anew.

Also, in the limbo of unrealized fates, Kio and Asemu screamed in a rage at how they would never be alive to disappoint him.
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Hibiki Tachibana

The respite from the Noise incidents had given Hibiki time to assist Roger in Paradigm, both in serious incidents and also the common occurrence of cats getting stuck in trees. Back at Lyrian finally, Hibiki continued her studies, with mind, spirit, body, and pistons primed and ready for when the Noise returned.

She never did meet Schwarzwald again, but in learning about him, Hibiki gained newfound respect for journalists and those that searched for and wished to spread the Truth, whatever it may be.
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Roy Garnette

In spite of his his desire to help out the would-be Apogees be their own people, Roy got some pretty hostile vibes from Gwen which made contributing on the VIPER front a bit difficult. Probably had something to do with being blamed for introducing tons of complicated concepts to the already-complicated Jen/Gwen relationship with Sielje.

Still, he set up his own security firm, always able to find work in spite of his blatant lack of professionalism and tendency to disregard peoples' names for his own, zany equivalents. He often found himself working alongside the Gloster Foundation and Lenore especially, sometimes even being hired by them. The survivors of World Materials and Erria found employment under him.

But there was also the matter of Beatrice and this SCCF splinter group...

Abducted by agents of the self-declared "Archimedes Group", Beatrice found not a resistance cell that saw her not as a leader, but rather another experiment... or rather "Life Fulcrum".

Committed to discovering the secret of immortality, the Group had broken off from the rest of the SCCF, taking with it every specimen possible that they hoped could let them learn the secrets of life and death and intent on studying and experimenting on them as much as possible.

If you're expecting to hear that Beatrice, now-humbled, realized the error of her ways and somehow escaped and fought for justice, then you'd be disappointed. Beatrice embraced her new lot in life, eager and happy to still contribute towards an "ideal" world.

Rather, it was another Life Fulcrum who raised the alarm and contacted the ESUN with the Group's headquarters, using the subsequent attack to attempt escape in a commandeered Galantine mook. Beatrice would finally be killed in the siege of the facility... in a last stand and a final battle against Roy to give the Archimedes Group's leaders as much time as possible with which to escape with the most dangerous and powerful of the Life Fulcrums still in their custody.

A new battle was set to begin, Roy intent on seeing the Group's plans stopped no matter what they may be. But he wasn't alone. There was another hero to this story; immortal and determined to see the Group pay for their actions even more than Roy.

And her name...

Is LF-00!

Though Roy would often just call her "Miss Meatgrinder" with how often she'd get killed.
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Selena Recital and Elma

Having had her day in the limelight, Selena was happy to return to the shadows with Elma, as it were. But she and Elma never forgot any of the allies made in the Unity Group, and always made good on showing up and saving the day whenever things seemed bleakest, and lowly mook teams faced absolute annihilation.

Selena was an occasional, if oft-unexpected guest of the Balmarians as well, providing pragmatic, outside advice to Armana to ensure that the race would not make the same mistakes as they once had.

Curiously, after a point in time, Elma stopped being seen... only to show up once more not as a tiny little subot, but rather a fully-functioning and lifelike android. Thanks for the help, Doomstar!

They stayed partners until the end of their days, in more ways than what they started as.

... Elma was forced to take Selena's last name, much to his embarrassment though. Poor bastard didn't have one himself.
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Anastacia Nelfess

With her relationship with Peola providing her a VERY MUCH needed out from the bullshit of her family, Ana finally found peace of mind, happiness, and an a family that was actually loving on Magnolys.

Being a princess consort was a huge change of pace from being a test pilot, but finally having the support of a family rather than just being forced into the role, Ana was ready for it.
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Hetepheres served as the Gebian ambassador on Earth for a few more years. After that, she tried to spend equal time on Geb and Earth both, not wanting to abandon either her homeworld nor the planet she got to love, and those she grew close to. And if either world needed protection, she and Scaraber were always ready to fight once again.

Geb continued its relations with Earth, both worlds exchanging their culture, resources, and scientific discoveries. Gebian tourists became a pretty common sight on Earth, and vice versa.
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Asagi's newfound freedom didn't completely overwrite his sense of duty, and after finishing his education he started working as a defense and security analyst for ESUN, in order to make the world a safer, better place for everyone and ensure wars with aliens that catch everyone completely by surprise won't happen again. He made sure not to lose touch with his old friends and family, even if he acted like he didn't care at times. His stomach got better, but never stopped to give him trouble from time to time.
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Daniel started to work with his old friends once again, and help them with various scientific discoveries. His sense of adventure never went away, however, and he often went on unannounced journeys, travelling all over the world - and lending his gun to those who were in need.

Many years later, as an old man, Daniel stood in front of the portal at the ruined Lost Seeker base once again... But what happened after that, only he knows.
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Roger returned to his life as Paradigm City's top Ryusei negotiator and occasional defender. Thanks to Paradigm finally opening up to the outside world, his services were always needed.
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With the crises over, and earth returned to a measure of stability, Dido Sybil finally hung up her pilot suit and put ShelLancer in storage...though not after restoring it to pristine condition...just in case.

Stepping back into the support role, Dido rose through the ranks of Solaris, landing the post of Chief Designer. As a full-fledged, certified Super Robot Scientist, she developed a full suite of eccentricities–gaudy Hawaiian shirts, straw sandals, a pet crab and the most Glorious of Lab Coats.

When the Empty Ones attacked, she was ready, cranking out new Sol Machines to take the stage with Zankuro's BlackNight and form...SolTAKERRRRR!

Dido's relationship with her mother Alexia, plus her Sybil-lings Hyacinth and Persephone, continued to improve over time. Even after they tried to conquer the Earth Sphere with their Superlaser.
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With the oceans cleared out from monsters, both Cherno Alpha and the Kaidonovsky enjoyed a well deserved rest. Under their watch, the Siberian Coastline was never breached, by Kaiju or any other gargantuan alien menace.

In this time of peace, Sasha and Alexis finally got to have the children they always wanted but couldn't have due to a fear leaving them orphaned.

Their boy and girl, Alexander and Shura, wound up growing taller than their parents. And when a Kalju-Jaeger hybrid attacked the city where the kids were holding their piano recital, Mama and Papa received news updates on their phones and excused themselves.

The decontamination crews cried tears of sympathy when they realized what the Mecha-Kaiju endured before dying.
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Fyra finally awakens some centuries after she was put into stasis, and finds herself in a familiar, yet very different world - the result of everything her former allies had achieved.

While trying to find out about what happened to the members of UG/Project Unification, she poses as a high school student, where she makes her own group of friends. But outside of her peaceful life, she is enlisted by the world's governing body as one of a group of supernatural fighters to combat a new threat known as Despair, alongside the Kijin of the Gloster Foundation.

She operates from a manor that dates back to the time of the UG, located in the remote region that also housed Alhambra Base.

From: [personal profile] a_centered_mind

A small memorial is erected at the spot where Elys sacrificed herself to save her friends. Around it is a colorful garden with flowers similar to those found within the Matter Conversion Ring.

It is said that during some nights, a harmless, but mysterious light phenomenon occurs there, involving small, firefly-like objects...

Elys' younger sister takes over her role as Ono-Sendai's CEO.
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Seta and her generals continue to lead the Kijin of their world using the Earth Sphere as an example. In their history, Seta becomes known for being an understanding, yet stern ruler who laid out new foundations for generations of Kijin to come. However, she never becomes a mother herself, and her successors are the children of her generals instead.
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Lenore continues to work with the Gloster Foundation and Roy, freelancing as a bodyguard when she able to. It turns out that her lifespan as a clone is shortened, but that is compared to average Kijin, which means she still lives much longer than a human being.

Later, she works as one of the fighters who combat Despair, alongside Fyra and Astara. They are joined by Seta, who also brings reinforcements to Earth to help against the threat.

A more mature and experienced Lenore then helps to teach the next generation of Kijin leaders. Like Seta, she does not have children.
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After the dissolution of Project Unification, Shu returns to hunting down Khadum Harkahm - the malevolent deity from La Gias who fell through a Crossgate. He also assists, and is assisted in his own objective by one Professor Yuuko Kouzuki of the Alternative IV project.

Thanks to this teamup, Khadum is defeated, and the threat of the BETA is finally ended after a massive attack mounted by ESUN on the Kashgar Hive - the last battle the Neo Granzon was seen in. Casualties were kept to a minimum in both cases.

Shu's actions past this point are not recorded, presumably because of an agreement he had with the ESUN being fulfilled. But sometimes, when a threat arises and there is little hope for those in danger, there are unusual reports of gravitational anomalies pacifying the enemies...