[With the recent events happening Leos is just waiting for the eventual moment in which Loni and crew get off scot free... so he drags himself to the lounge and crashes onto the sofa with a blank and bitter look on his face. Linking to the TV he starts flipping through the channels, not even noticing if anyone had followed him in. Then something catches his attention. Not you though...]

Wh... wha- No...No...NONONONONO!!!!

[Bolt upright Leos is rapidly flicking back through the channels at lightning speed, trying to find the image that horrified him this badly.]

Please...  he's dead! I saw him die-

"And just last week Nineball stunned the Arena Audience with yet another victory. Rumors were abound about his apparent demise but clearly they've been proven false! Hopefully we'll be able to get a chance to see both him and the newcomer Leos Klein in a showdown to determine who's number one!"

[Leos doesn't say a word. Simply sliding out of his chair in shock.]

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