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[Leos was on Star Rose again, apparently he managed to sneak up into the room that held the locked up Doombas Cleaning Robots he reprogrammed and was sitting amongst them. While they were not exactly living creatures, it seemed sitting among them and having them bump into him occasionally was good enough for him as he rested his hand on one.]

[He doesn't seem to be screaming or raging at all, so that was a plus. But he seemed to be horrifically silent and for the past two days missed his appointments with his psychiatrist.]

[You're watching TV somewhere, in Asagi's room or one of the lounges in one of the bases when a breaking news report comes up.]

"ESUN officials have been reported to be in heated talks with various members of the Russian Government in regards to the latest flagarant violation to the bill of human rights that had occured just two weeks ago. Video Evidence along with eye-witness testimonials reveal that the mechanized combat of the Raven's Nest Arena had taken a turn into intense bloodsport... with approval from the crowds. Please be warned that the footage about to be shown may be somewhat graphic."

[The recording was a bit blurry, crowds, lots of noise, and down below there were a pair Armored Cores duking it out. One a stranger, the other very familiar. It was Pale Rider and within moments it was brutally savaging the opposing AC, removing limbs and weapons in vicious strikes... before repeatedly smashing its blade into the cockpit. There was a massive amount of cheering.]

"This was apparently just one of many such battles featuring this particular machine. The Russian Government however has denied the occurrence of any such violations within their borders and states that as the Raven's Nest Arenas are in areas not under the jurisdiction of any government or nation, they are not within the purview of the Earth Sphere Bill of Human Rig-"

[The TV suddenly switches channels, a very nervous looking Leos responsible.]

Aha.. ahahahaha... so.. uh...My show's on... do you think I can have the TV for a while?

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