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Well everyone... I'm sorry the news is being broken to you this way, but Miss Selena and Mister Albhard are a tad pre-occupied right now and I didn't want to leave everyone hanging.  I know they've mentioned it a bit, but we were never really meant to be long-term members of the Unity Group... and when we were cut off from Professor Shirakawa, we all knew it was only a matter of time before new orders came in.

They just did too, and it's super-secret... secret enough that we don't even know much about the operation at all!  It's going to a grand reunion of the entirety of Team Jelba, and I guess that'll help soften the blow of us going our separate ways now.  If anyone wants, I'll try to cook farewell meals for everyone I can, and I'm sure that Selena and Albhard are trying to put on as strong a face as they can.  And... if by any chance any of you see that stupid bird be sure to give them what-for!  But soon enough we'll have to disappear into the shadows, working discreetly as agents of the Intelligence Division to safeguard all we hold dear from-

Elma, really...?

[Speak of the devil!]

A-Albhard!  But, don't you have to finish prepping the Grungust for Operation Doll?

Oh, we do.  No doubt about that.  Buuuuuut it might've been wise for you to read over the details of this mission again.  It's a joint-operation with the Unity Group.  Although...

If you're up for cooking... there's some ideas I have in mind...


[The whole of Team Jelba reuniting... not just a few members but everyone.  The whole baker's dozen all on some ultra-classified mission, and a chance to introduce the Unity Group to them and vice-versa.  It should come as no surprise then that Selena and Albhard in extremely chipper moods as they go through routine maintenance for their machines...]

-And of course, how you got that Grungust is going to be an entire story in and of itself.

Maybe more trouble than it's worth though, on account of Shu's involvement with it.  Just hope the Captain won't give me a hard time for trashing that Gespenst though.  He had to pull a lot of favors to get in on the Halloween Plan.

[Even as Selena goes back to work though, Albhard just looks at the Grungust for another moment.  There were answers he had wanted to get... and even if Shu seemed a changed man, a better man... he regretted not approaching him about that incident with the Shirogane.  An incident that, for Albhard... was about love lost.]

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