[In an otherwise silent room, the sound of Ingram's voice can be heard.]

"Good. Hate me then. Cherish your hate. Grow stronger."

"Ze Balmary Empire - what you call Aerogators. It collects strong warriors to add to ranks of its own army. Earth picques our interest."

"Ze Balmary will make good use of warriors such as you."

[And if you were to look inside, you'd see Selena, playing audio files taken from the incident over and over again, with all those notes on Balmarian weapons of war found in La Gias in the other.   The notes get crumpled up and thrown in a bin.  They feel less like a cheatsheat and more a pity handout given while the doner was sporting a shit-eating grin.]

The Zentradi and Decepticons just want us dead.  The UE just want us guessing about everything that has to do with them.  The Wulgaru want our genetic material.  The Indalph and the Gebian AEP want us as a trophy of conquest.

... And now this.  He gave the documents to us.  He just did it so we'd be worthy enough footsoldiers for his Empire.

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