[Denzel: dead.  Setsuko, Toby, and who knows how many ESUN pilots: anywhere in all of existence and most likely dead too.  Not to mention whatever they'd gone to La Gias and were trying to recover was up in so much metaphorical smoke on top of everything else.  Be it with anger or sadness or something else, everyone's not going to be at 100% after that clusterfuck of a clusterfuck.  Selena and Albhard are making due with hitting the bar to drown their sorrows.]

... And Shu's gone too.  Can't imagine how that reflects on us as his handlers.  Can't say I'm looking forward to reassignment if it happens... not when there's still the mystery regarding all of that Aerogator intel now.  Though they could just cut us loose entirely... or even take it out on the Captain.

Only positive thing a report would say is just that we didn't all die down there.  Though now that Shu's just... out there...  So much for ever telling him about Jessica.

[A moment of silence passes before Albhard gestures over at the bartender.]

And at the very least, Denzel deserves at least a little something as tribute.

(You there with them?  Coming in?  Up to you!)

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