Every world rejected him before.  But now...

Maybe there'll be hope for him still.  Out there.  Somewhere.

... After all, the Eraser Team's out there too.

But... what about us?  With Solaris?  If Project Unification disbands, Solaris'll just end up the same as it did before, right?

Not necessarily.  I thought long and hard about that... especially when the conflict between Void and Sol energies put the idea of SolSavior at risk.  Disaster relief's always something people will need.  And... there's anything we can find about the Primeval Dusk.

Doesn't that sound worthwhile?  Finding out about... where we came from?  How others of Darkness lived in this world of Light?  Certainly would wow your friends during presentation day.

Most of them are just making those really crazy volcanos.  And did you know that some volcanos don't even do that?  They just explode because of all the pressure building-

-And because of different types of magma.  Saw that when our parents made me marathon a decade's worth of nature specials.

[So many amazing animals shown and either domesticated or hunted for food too.  And every single one of them still absolutely disgusting.  What're the odds?]

... But you best get going.  I'm sure Mom and Dad want you in bed at a sane time.

What about you?

Just a bit longer.

[She looks up into the sky.  Thinking back.]

... Loni's not the only one on my mind.

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Seems like you're putting a lot of thought into things.
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"So how about it?" Dido asks, walking up to Mizuki with a gentle smile. "What exactly is on your mind, Miss Misfit Elephant?"
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To be completely honest, I'm not sure.

I was expecting to just...fade away after this was all over.
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Ah, if that is the case then I don't have a lot of reasons to do that then.

...thanks though Mizuki.
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"We never needed it much after defeating Sara," Dido points out. "Plus, Ken was off helping with the Ninja community's reforms..."

She blinks. "Are you thinking Solaris should change it's approach via combining robots?"
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Somehow I feel like it'd be unfair just to come to annoy you or to ask for help.
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Well, family isn't something I've had for a while so I'm a bit rusty on the perks.
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"Even when we were moping about not being able to synchronize the Sol and Void energies," Dido muses, "we were till kicking butt and taking names, weren't we? Being forced to fight separately ultimately helped us grow..."

She starts pacing back and forth. "I wonder how this'll affect the development of future Solaris mechs? I mean, Zankuro's mech has this whole chivalry theme with the zweihander and all, so maybe we'd create Sol Machines with a heavy shields and a rock-hard posture, maybe...?"