After the battle of Hong Kong, the Unity Group has a new addition to its roster, slowly trucking its way into the hanger bay on a flat industrial yellow crawled. Its armor covered with dents and scars, and its right arm has been squeezed into scrap, but that nuclear cooling tower head is unmistakable.

Cherno Alpha: last of the Mark-1 Jaegers. Unconquered guardian of the Siberian coast.

At its feet, clad in bulky mo-cap armor, sit its two Rangers, national heroes of Russia: Alexis and Sasha Kaidonovksy.

Currently they're sitting in-between an open medkit, swabbing at cuts and bruises on their faces with alcohol and cotton. Alexis grunts as Sasha dabs at one gash on her forehead. Sasha jostles his shoulder playfully.

Then you make a noise. Their heads snap up, and they stare at you with the unblinking intensity of owls.

Will you be the one to break this uncomfortable silence?


[Locked to participants in "Double Event" mission]

Later on, while walking through one of the Unity Group's holdings, you run into Sasha and Alexis. They've changed into some swanky fur-lined jackets and golden skull rings adorn their fingers.

The stare at you for a good moment. Then Sasha nudges Alexis, and Alexis pulls a tiny flash drive from his pocket and hands it to you.

"You did good out there." He says gruffly. "Spacebo."