[Ryuichi is currently laid up in the infirmary after the battle, turns out high speed winds channeled through chains will ruin your day. That and your...friend getting kidnapped and converted by one of your boss's fierce rivals. Helping out everyone else didn't really override that fact.]

Why did it have to be that guy...why did they even send ME.

[Doesn't help his mood when his tablet starts making skype noises because his handler wanted to talk to him. With a sneer he grabs it and flips it over on the table, muffling the noise before it eventually dies out.]

Yell at me later.
Won't kill you do to it in person.

[Needless to say he's feeling absolutely shit.]
[[backdated to right after Sortie! The Twisted colony.]]

[So despite everyone getting out okay and the adrenaline from defeating the aliens has finally run out, Ryuichi is still going to find a nice corner to sit and sulk in.
And by sulk I mean blast his jams so loud he can't hear anything-but others might be able to hear the bass themselves, while his fingers hammer his tablet to type up something super dumb and pointless to vent his frustrations of being a trick yoyo in space.]

How do people even deal with that stuff...

[He's honestly amazed noone died and that he didn't go flying off into the inky blackness. He'll head off back to Japan base once he's done being amazed.]
[1 - Few days before the Anouncement]

I really don't get why I'm being put over here.

[Ryuichi is standing with a few bags talking to...what honestly could be confused for his mom considering how he's pouting like the first day of school. But it's not, she's coming off just a touch too condescending.]

"Now now, you promised to serve Romana and protect the Earth she loves however you could. These are the guys best suited to handle giving you those tasks."

I suppose...still though, shouldn't one of the more experienced guys be handling this?

"They've all got their own duties. You have everything you need so just make friends okay?"

[Little boy blue sighs, but smiles all the same. Really he's just anxious but the reassurance from his handler has him excited to meet his allies and see what sort of technology is around here. With a nod she leaves him to get situated by himself.]

[2 After de Anouncement]

[He didn't really catch most of it because he was wearing to his headphones, but the bit from Huffman caught his attention. He let out a nervous laugh, because seriously, what kind of joke is that.]

I hope that isn't how he usually does things.
I mean it's funny in retrospect, but I'm too young for a heart attack.
And so's the top guy from the sounds of it.