An uneasy silence surrounds a small fleet of orange-colored Wulgaru units that emerged from the gate activated by Jiart and Kamjin. The fleet came in peace, and its leader asked to speak to Teoria. Permission was granted, with everyone in preparation it turns out to be a trap.

It was not a trap.

"Legates Lumes. Glad I am that we may speak in the flesh again."

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The two are not alone. As Lumes prepares to depart, a worried Princess Armana looks on wordlessly.

(You may talk to any of the three present)

"We must not waste more time! Do you want to stand idly, let the lives of those who sacrificed theirs so we'd reach this far go to waste?"

On the GDF brass meeting, Simon Gato and Commander Amane are doing their hardest to try to persuade those present - we know the target, the gate that Wulgaru use to enter the Earth Sphere. If it's destroyed, the invasion will stop forever. But even though they have some backers, many members of the Global Defense Force waver...

They waver because they are no longer so sure about ESUN. About Unity Group.

"Calm yourself, Commander Gato. The SSR has had nothing but a string of brilliant successes. You speak of lives but why should we throw ours away? Let them handle it when the time comes..."

"The time is now!" The Belarussian representative is suddenly interrupted.
"The Wulgaru are gathering forces for a major invasion as we speak, and their preprations are almost done. They know what humanity is capable of, and the leader of the invasion force, Prince Jiart, knows of my presence here. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants."

"Who are you? What makes you an expert at Wulgaru and how they act or what they want?"

"I am the one who arrived on Earth more than 15 years ago, to bring warning and assistance. I am the Wulgaru royal princess Plaguezesia Teoria."

Silence falls in the conference hall. The whole thing is broadcast around the world, by the way.

(You're not really there, this is a mingle/react prompt)

"Get a move on! All civilians and nonessential personnel needs to get to safety!"

All but a handful of combatants are rather hastily evacuated from the Star Rose. Why is that?

Because once the evacuation is done, the space station starts to move, shedding parts that humans built around its core. The core is not a space station at all...

"The Star Rose is actually a giant spaceship princess Teoria used to come to Earth. I will command it for the duration of the operation. Operation Heaven's Gate begins now!"

"I too will lend my assistance, Commander Simon." Teoria enters, wearing a billowing robe/dress - traditional Wulgaru attire. "I have learnt to love mankind, and I will not stand by idly while humans risk their all."


Guys! Look at this!

[Who's that, causing a ruckus as he runs through all of Unity Group's hallways? Why, it's Izuru, carrying a holographic message display. When turned on it shows...]

"... Therefore I would be honored if you could join me, Izuru. I'd love to talk about our past, even if you do not remember the whole of it. Those moments we spent together are still fresh in my heart, and precious to me."

She's inviting me! Princess Teoria is inviting me for a dinner!

What do I do?!

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[Izuru and a few others who decided to tag along as chaperones (so much for a close dinner for two!) are approaching the place of the date. A certain eyeless creature is driving the lot in her silly but surprisingly fast (and recklessly controlled!) car. The Rabbits' manager picked the location, a teppanyaki restaurant.]

"Make sure to look confident but natural, Izuru!"

Y-yes! Of course.

[Izuru makes his best suave face. It needs work.]
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"Make sure this information does not leave Unity Group. Everything you learn here is strictly confidential."

Shortly after the battle of Ceres, a closed doors meeting between Commander Simon Gato and members of Unity Group has been arranged. Everyone is allowed to attend if they promise to maintain secrecy - and for Team Rabbits, attendance is mandatory.

"Is everyone here? Good. I will let our guest explain the rest."

A young white-haired woman enters, escorted by a tall man. Some of you may find the pair familiar.

"Thank you Commander. I will get started then."

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That was quite a revelation. Do you have any questions to ask?

"May I have everyone's attention? Members of Unity Group, we noticed that you've been working very hard lately but also some of our people were pretty stressed out. Resting is a part of your duties too, so I have talked to a few people in charge from other organisations and, long story short, you have a short vacation in a tropical resort."

"Please enjoy it."

"I'll be there too!"

[1 - mingle thread]
As commander Antov just said, you have a two day vacation to enjoy. Beach, ocean, beautiful weather - it's all there just for you!

Unity Group is not the only organisation making use of the resort. You may be able to find interesting individuals from other groups lurking about... or maybe just swimsuit-clad bodies to ogle. If that's your thing you pervert.

All general vacation shenanigans go here.

[2 - for Yuuya]
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[3 - for Izuru]
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It seems the trip was not without incident. Several participants of the boat rowing contest are missing and the weather is getting worse. It's time to organize an in-mecha search party before they are caught in the rain for days and starve or something.

Also, someone threw Izuru into deep waters and he's not too good of a swimmer. Someone should probably rescue him.