1. (Locked - takes place right after the mission ends)

[Judgement disappears just short of landing before Lady Grey's location, which is shrouded by smoke from the UG's incredible joint attack. In the aftermath of the battle, Seta certainly can't ask the others to do more. So, she's chosen to approach her former teacher herself.

Wounded, and still affected by the venom, she lands, albeit unstably, and soon falls to one knee.]

"...The fight is over...

Please...stop this."


2. (Open - Frontdated to a day or so later)

[The recent events have been particularly difficult for Seta, both mentally and physically. After returning from the battle zone, she is now bedridden and in much worse shape than before.

Still, what happens in the infirmary now brings some much needed respite.

If you choose to visit, you'll see that Seta's bed is surrounded by...the same Kijin children from before. With the chaos regarding the Foundation, they have nowhere else to go. Looks like they've brought board games to play with her, too.

But as you approach, they surprisingly give way, and Seta waves a bandaged hand at you.]

"...Hello. I hope you are doing well...

"Things have returned to normal...and it would not have been possible without everyone's help. I am thankful."


3. (Open - responses not required, but welcome)

Cut for length )

[The mock battles ensue, and while most of the attention is on the TSFs and their skilled test pilots...a few may notice the presence of an individual who is VERY out of place among the spectators at Yukon Base.

This may be because said individual is a silver-haired female wearing a long, very elaborate black dress with a feather-lined collar, and is sitting on an equally eye-catching garden chair that seems to be made of carved, black marble.]

"Of all the places to be sent to! For a display of combat abilities, this isn't even remotely entertaining..."

[She crosses one leg over the other with a bored look on her face, then slowly turns a half-filled wine glass in one hand while she sighs.]

"Well... I suppose the weather is still to my liking. But, I do wonder how my foolish student can endure being surrounded this way...

Ah~ to think of how much suffering she must be going through at this very moment... perhaps she even managed to wet her bed again."

"...Um...I am right here beside you, Madame. I can also hear what you are saying..."

"...Oh, I seem to have forgotten that. Do keep reminding me periodically. I am supposed to be on my best behavior, after all. Lapses in memory simply will not do."

[Seta takes a deep breath, twitching ever so slightly.]

"...I mean no disrespect; but, in that case...I should also remind you that you are not the only spectator here..."

[And indeed, around the two is a sizable crowd. Most of them are guests from other countries and such who have promptly backed away to create distance between themselves and the pair of weirdos. Who can blame them?]