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"Good job, Unity Group. The Lady's Good Men have been defeated without civilian casualties. We have captured a number of enemy pilots and intelligence, and analysis of discoveries made is underway."

"The noose is tightening around their necks."

Do you have anything to say to Major Ingram before the transmission ends?



Look who's there. This time though, Apollonius "Loni" Gavin looks a bit apologetic.

"After what happened, me and Desta talked a bit and he's got something to say now."
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"Tch. I got distracted for a second and ShotSaber's all busted. Top notch mecha my ass..."

"That man... I made a mistake and let him go. He was an enemy..."

"What happened out there? Was that the true power of friendship, or something like that? Why don't I have that kind of power, is something missing?"

It seems each individual member of Loni's team is busy angsting over something. Confront one or more of them, maybe?
There's a unit waiting in Sakihama Base's hangars. The Wildschwein is not a new addition to Unity Group. It belongs to a guest, a very important guest.

The guest in question is Major Ingram Plisken, one of Divine Wars veterans and a former Steel Dragon Battle Group commander.

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Have you a question to the Major while he's still around Unity Group?