"I promised to tell you what I discovered. This is all secret information, try not to spread it around."

Elan Cubis is safe, and now he has a few words to say to everyone.

"I'm sure you remember the derelict ship Progtech had a research station at. The thing is... I did examination of the Nine-Ball, and its subsystems are similar. Not the same obviously, one's a ship and the other is an AC. But the similarity in design is there. Who made that ship, why, how long ago? We don't know. But there's an obvious connection."

"And a lot of people who worked on solving the mystery behind that connection are now dead."

There is one other person that has things to tell you. And while Elan did not care much for official channels, this time it's a talk behind closed doors, and you were informed that what you learn is classified and you're not supposed to share it with the rest of the world.

The person you talk to is an elderly scientist - Professor Dupond, the inventor of TSEN.

"I am not the inventor of TSEN." He says.
"No, this is not fully accurate. I have copied the design, modified it so it works using Earth technology. But I did not come up with it. When we made... the discovery, it was already there. Among others."

"What is the discovery?"

"It is a facility. Or a space ship? I am not sure. I am sure it is very ancient however, even older than the Macross. I was the expedition leader and I was able to uncover one of its many mysteries, this is why you have TSEN now. But before I could unearth more marvellous technology..."

"The facility disappeared. The giant underground cave that housed it was suddenly empty one day. Our ancient treasure trove was just gone - with one of my assistants. His name is Aaron Anso Antema. Does this name sound familiar to you? Constans Ricard Antema is his nephew. The same Antema who pilots Blue Blood, the Lady's Good Men combat robot."

"I have cooperated with Elan and pooled our resources to find some answers. He hoped to find the truth behind Nine-Ball, I - to discover my find's current location. We both made good progress, and I am sure this is why we were targetted."

"So, you guys were interested in the container we asked you to retrieve, right?"

Look, it's Elan Cubis, the PROGTECH research and development chief.

"It's only fair if I told you since you brought it back safely... well, for the most part. Anyway, we studied the derelict ship and you saved our databank with information pertaining to it. But that's not all."

"I've been investigating Nineball-related incidents, and the conflicts between various megacorps that were springing around lately. All my data is in the bank too, and let me tell you - something really fishy is going on there. Each time there's a huge battle, someone important, like an esteemed scientist, an investigator or a political figure, dies in collateral damage."

"I don't think that's coincidental. I think someone's causing these fights on purpose, as cover for assassinations."