[So, once again the Light Numbers are at the Unity group base with Rock. This time both Rock and Elec needed serious repairs and the others needed a bit of minor patching up themselves, but everyone is pretty happy, considering the Light Numbers have been pardoned and aren't in danger of being destroyed by the government anymore.]

Cut Man: It was Elec's idea, you know. He totally fooled that old chunk of wood when he fed us that stupid line about joining them. (Kinda fooled me for a second too actually...)

[Rock laughs.] I knew you guys would never betray Dr. Light like that. You did have me worried for a second there though. ... Say speaking of that one, what happened to him?

Ice Man: What do you think? Elec took him out before you guys caught up with us.

[Elec Man rubbed the back of his head.] Yeah... might've gotten a bit too cocky with that Quick Man character though...

[Rock looks sympathetically at the taller bot.] It's alright. That guy gave me a hard time too. He was really tough.

[Cut Man makes an annoyed sound.] They all were.

[Bomb Man just shrugs casually.] Yeah, well, of course they were. They were warbots from the start, unlike us.

[Rock nods.] Yeah. Wily's in jail now though, so I guess we won't have to worry about anything like that anymore.

[You probably shouldn't jinx yourself like that Rock.]


[Going back a little earlier, to when Rock has just gotten done getting repaired and hasn't met up with the rest of the Light Numbers yet. Rock is also still in armor, though his helmet is off. He sighs.]

Boy am I glad that's over.

[Again, he probably shouldn't jinx himself.]

((Belatedly edited to add something for people who want to talk to Rock without his brothers around.))

[Post Mission, Rock is one of the things needing repair. Fortunately, Dr. Light comes back to the base with him to take care of it personally, and it isn't too long before his arm is reattached and everything else is patched up.

Rock sighs, testing his newly repaired arm out.]

That was pretty wild... I'm glad everything turned out okay in the end. We cut it a bit close there.

[Though he's a bit worried. Dr. Wily had gotten away after all, and who knew what he was going to do next.]


[Rock's not the only robot who came back to the base. The other Light Numbers are also here and they're all gathered together in the hanger, talking to Rock, who's now out of armor. There's another robot with them too. One who looks like a young girl with a blond ponytail tied with a green bow.]