1. [The battle against Quintus and Stigma is finally over. In its wake, the last Rider looks on at the damage dealt to the surroundings, and then at the gaping hole that is still in her chest.

The Causality Reactor - the ancient object that had allowed her to turn the tides - glows brightly where it is embedded into her body. It occasionally sends out pulses of electricity that are clearly becoming painful for Fyra.

Morte looks on, concerned, but with a new sense of understanding.]

You were against being accompanied on that journey, Mistress. Is it because you knew that we would have prevented you from using this?

There were two who fought alongside us before who chose a similar path with another object of great power. Quite a number were opposed to it.


...Either way, the damage has been done. As a short-term solution, it worked well. But you are not Quintus - your body cannot contain nor control that power. It will destroy you.

Although...I may have a solution for that. Albeit one that requires sacrifice...


2. [Days later, the few survivors of the Metis Group are gathered in Antarctica, where everything began. Their ranks are bolstered by ESUN researchers and those from Project Unification who decide to follow...

The familiar sight of the tomb is now filled with all sorts of complex, modern machinery. In the center of the space is a reconstructed coffin, where an exhausted Fyra - worn down by the surges from the Causality Reactor - now lies. Her Steed watches over her, looking sombre.

At Morte's suggestion, a decision was made to put the Rider back into stasis, to allow the Reactor to stabilize, and its new host to adapt. The surrounding equipment would vent the excess energy harmlessly, so that there was no risk of overload.

However, there is no telling how long this process will take. At the very least, it would be decades before Fyra would see the light of day again.]

[And yet, she looks very much at peace with that prospect. After all, both Morte and herself had done all that they could for the time being.]
1. [Since the last encounter with a hostile Horseman, Fyra has been scouring the UG's, and Project Unity's records of Earth's history. Even though she had regained most of her memories and abilities, there was something that was not quite right - like a void that would not see itself filled.

Because what is available only goes back so far, she enlists the help of the Gloster Foundation, but not on items related to the Kijin. As Seta had mentioned some time before: the Kijin under their previous leader kept detailed records on humanity's advancement after the Great War - this is what the Rider needs.]


[She sits by a desk in one of the UG's bases that is surrounded by tall stacks of old books and scriptures, flipping through each one at incredible speed, while also being delicate enough not to destroy them. The fire damage on many of the documents shows that each is a survivor of the Gloster HQ's destruction.

A moment later, another person walks in, carrying yet another stack of old tomes.]

This should be the last of it. Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.


2. [One day, you happen across the Rider as she stands outside one of the bases. For the first time in a while, Morte is manifested and standing before her, his form more spectral than it was before.

When the Rider notices you, she keeps things very short.]

I have found something, and there is something I must do. Alone. I will be back in a while.

I will leave Morte here with you.


[Though the Steed says nothing, he is obviously not pleased with the idea. You can almost hear an exasperated sigh coming from him.]
[Another Rider, another message by Abel Meyers for the UG. Unfortunately, this time is different than before, and not in a good way. Meyers himself actually sounds nervous.]

"Greetings again, Unity Group. I come bearing news, both good and... bad.

"The good news is that we have discovered the final Rider's tomb. The bad news: its location...and..."

[The video feed switches to reveal footage of a city's skyline. It would be a regular view, if not for the fact that a gigantic cube has encased the entire city.]

"As you can see...Stigma somehow reached the depths of the tomb before us and awakened the Rider. The cube that you see is its doing.

"We've no idea what is going on inside. There have been attempts to establish communications with the city to no avail. Scouts have been sent in, but none have returned.

"This...is frankly something you are specialized in, Unity Group. I know your history with the Black Domes, so I will leave the decision of what to do next to you, and the Rider who is on our side."


[Fyra only gazes at the screen for a short while, before turning around to leave. She knows that Morte is still out of commission, but given the circumstances and the enemy involved, waiting for him is no longer an option.]


[A few hours later: the Unity Group detachment, which includes Fyra, arrives outside of the reach of the gigantic cube. And they are not the only ones present - various ESUN armed forces are also on standby, but are cautious enough not to simply send more people in. The fact that the cube is also growing in size as time passes makes the situation more worrisome than it already is.

While preparations are taking place for the UG to act, Fyra looks in the direction of the city and interrupts.]

We cannot wait any longer. This is the Rider's Order at work.

I will go. If there is anyone willing to follow, stay close to me.


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You have a saying: the horse and the rider, as one.

[If one needs proof that Fyra had lost the exchange against the Second Rider, then look no further than the wreck of Morte that lies in one of the UG's hangars. The Steed remains in its bipedal mecha form, sat up against one of the empty walls.

The damage it received was severe, and nothing can be done to aid in its recovery. Only time can allow Morte to stand once again.]

We agreed to this course of action. Tver had to be stopped, and we knew that this would be the result.

Yet, I feel as if I should have found another way.

[Especially with that last bit from the hostile Rider about 'fixing' herself...whatever that entails.]
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[While most of the others return to deal with Ouroboros, Fyra has decided to temporarily stay with the Fleet of Batavia as the cleanup commences, probably with the company of a few UG members as caretakers. Something is clearly bothering her.]

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