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[The adventure was finally over. Loni... Gavin was gone. Though saddened, Volya eventually accepted that he had made his choice... and at the very least in the end he had finally grown up... for whatever good it did. Regardless though Volya was now left without a home with Project Unity now being decommissioned. Still... he was a resourceful kid and maybe with luck he'll be able to find a place to lay his head. Reluctantly though, the possibility of having to leave Sakihama and his friends - not just from Project Unity but also the ones he had made in school was both worrying and real to him. Yet as he walked the busy sidewalks of Sakihama City...]


[He found Interitus excitably chatting to an older woman at a cafe. At first Volya was a bit worried that something might have happened and made his way over to them with an apology on his lips... then as he got closer he began to notice things about this person... things that seemed so very familiar to his mind for the oddest reason...]

"Volya! Volya! Not going to believe it! Look!"

[Interitus is waving wildly before gesturing at the person with her. A soft, melodic chuckle emanated from the mystery woman who waved gently.]

Wh.... you.... You're...

[A finger was gently placed on his lips to shush him, a playful glint in her eyes.]
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[Setsuko followed to offer encouragement and support. But this, this she did not expect.]

... Could it really be?
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She's really here. That's one family reunion I didn't expect to see.

But, I'm glad for this kind of surprises.
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[Setsuko is surprised, she didn't expect the other plant monster to be so fluent in a human language.]

Well... we knew each other for a long time, but in the end you could say we all just worked to keep Volya safe.
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"Hey, Volya?" Dido says, ducking her head in. "The Defensive Theology Club wanted to know if you'd prefer pocky or Yan Yan in your care package...?"

Her voice trails to a halt as she notices Volya and Interitus...and the newcomer with a familiar resemblance.


Dido puts two and two together and starts sweating.

"I want you to know, Miss," she says slowly, "that've we've bean treating Interitus with the utmost care and responsibility...well, expect for all those battles to the death...meep."
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"Oh?" Dido muses, glancing at Enteritis's cheek smile. "What have you been telling her, exactly?" She asks her. "Only the good stuff, I hope?"
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"Flavors?" Dido repeats, blinking. Her face clears as she thinks back to the start of this incident. "Oh yeah, the care package. They mentioned the usual flavors: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry..."

Dido's eyes widen. "Those guys are still waiting for my response," she says, getting to her feet. "I could get back to them before they barge in–"
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[Wait... was that...?

[She looked at Interitus and back to the older figure... and yeah. No doubt about it.]

... Well now that I think about it, it's not that surprising...
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[Okay. She could speak eloquently? THAT... was a bit of a surprise. And that word choice too...]

If you're calling me that...

... You know about the Primordial Dusk?