[Another Unity Member biting the dust, and in the wake all the dirty machinations of the Crystal Chimaeras finally coming to light.  If not for Elys's unfortunate passing this might even have been a blessing in disguise; everything was laid out on the table and one way or another it'd be all over soon.  Then all that would be left would be the Lady and Loni.]

We really do have to win this, Elma.  If we don't, then...

The Balmarians would call it "Apocalypsis", right?

... Yeah.  And they already had enough trouble dodging one bullet.  And then there's everyone else's own problems we've gotten past.  The Lady wants her encore, but the audience isn't up for it.

But still...

... Don't tell me.  Selena, is that feeling is-

Still there.  Like I'm forgetting something obvious... and something in me's trying to hammer that in and make me remember more and more every day.

But Selena, you're... you can't keep fretting about this!  With what's ahead of us, we're going to need to be at the top of our strength.  Whatever's eating at you, just... just please don't let it get to you!  Please, it wouldn't hurt to get some rest.  I'd even cook whatever you want in the meantime too!


Yes, anything!  You have my word as a Subot!

Oh, so even that one special omelette recipe?

[A pause.  A very pregnant pause... and one might even think that Elma's starting to sweat.]

... Of... course!  I said anything, and I won't back down on that!  It might take a while but no matter what I promise I'd-

Good!  Then be sure to make extra.  I'm sure people'll be curious and want to sample it themselves.  And you wouldn't want to disappoint them, would you?

But Selena-

You said anything and that you wouldn't back down on that!  So you better not be backing down on me Elma!  Chop chop, don't keep a lady waiting!

[And cue a playful kick to send him flying into the kitchen.]


[A short time later though, Selena's flown the nest... only to queue up in the line to help bolster the Discovery.  That playful smile she'd sported is gone again, and in fact, her anxiousness has only grown now.  After all...]

You're right about one thing Elma... with what's ahead, we really need to be at the top of our strength.

Though that's going to mean... everything.  Laying all of it out.

[She's got a date with a certain Inspector about her whole life.]

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[Selena would find that she wasn't currently the only UG member in line as there was one quietly fidgetting kid present as well. It was actually a little surprising how long it took him to realize she was there.]

Miss Selena?

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[Volya glanced further ahead of the line, still fidgeting anxiously.]

... This is... Its really important. If this could help then ... why not?
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Maybe... it might be also because there won't be any point to keeping them anymore if the Lady takes over... everything would stop mattering.

I don't want that to happen... its not just because the Lady taking over would be the worst... but...

We both had people important to us die Miss Selena... and so did a lot of other people ... I don't want everything they did to just be wiped away like they don't matter.
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I don't think anyone would want to, its a scary thing to think about if you focus on it too long.

[It truly has. Dead families. Dead friends. Countless innocent lives gone. So much destruction to boot...]

But... we're not going to let that happen... right?

[Volya's voice was a little unsure. So very like a child to seek reassurance from someone to know that things will be alright.]
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[There was a small sigh of relief.]


[Though now that was said...]

... Miss Selena... what happens after that?
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"Miss Recital. I see you've decided to contribute as well."

Waiting didn't take long. Volunteers appear - and there's more than but a handful of them, but the process doesn't take much time for every one.

"I appreciate it."
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"That's how it works. It's not easy, especially for people of your profession who hold secrets. Secrets you may wish remain hidden from others."

The inspector shrugs.
"I'm not judgemental."
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"As is often the case. People live their whole lives not realizing the full scope of affairs they're entangled in - until the same affairs hit them in the face."

Inspector Jou allows himself a nostalgic look.

"As you know, I used to be a minor paper pusher."
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"Trust me, this works for anyone sapient and capable of having a memory. There were many people of the past, and similar devices had to work for all of them. Hmm..." The inspector shrugs off not wanting to get Elma entangled in this, but something else draws his attention.

"Are you embarassed of the imprinting process?"
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"No, actually - many do. And most of the time, it turns out their lives are far less exciting than yours."

"Do you think their worries are correct? Social expectations of politeness aside, would you be willing to walk up to a factory worker, a garbage collector, a secretary, and tell them - 'that's right, your life was only a background for something far greater, on a large scale you achieved nothing'?"

"You don't have to answer."
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