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"The Lady's sphere of control now has a radius of over sixty kilometers." It doesn't matter which Project Unification base you're in: you receive an emergency briefing/status report from Viletta. And for many changing bases was a suddent event indeed. Fort Alhambra is lost, its staff quickly moved to one of the two available facilities: Sakihama or the SSR base in Russia. Well, there is also Shirakawa's hideout in South America, and apparently it is functioning again. But that's small good news, and this time the bad news are much greater.

"Fortunately after the initial burst, its rate of growth has slowed down significantly. But it continues to grow and will do so until the Lady has control over the whole Earth, and who knows how much more. The small blessing here is that neither her nor her Guardians tried to breach the sphere and leave their area of influence... so far."

Viletta sighs, looking down before taking on a stern expression.

"Project Unification was dealt a serious blow today. We lost many good people, captain Linjun and his Shirogane are gone. But we mustn't lose hope. People of Earth need us more than ever before, and we can't afford to let them down. The plan to weaponize the Discovery of Self and the relic found on Balmar has been accelerated. As soon as everything is ready: we will strike."


"Am I bitter? Of course I'm bitter. But there's no choice, take 'em down!"

Trying to use or just checking any of the remaining bases' TSEN reveals a shocking truth - the teleporters were turned off, and are being dismantled (under heavy guard) at this very moment.

"I liked having easy logistics of jumping between facilities too, but we can't afford that now. Alhambra's TSEN is in the Lady's hands, and she's got a track record messing with this type of device. All the other TSENs have disconnected with Fort Alhambra already but there's no telling if she won't just connect it back. It's a risk we can't afford."

"Agreed. There's not much of a choice but to take the long way around now, hmm? I strongly suspect the Lady planned it all out, even the parts where Gavin and Venczel acted against her."

"You see, the part where the Tronium explosion caused by late Linjun just up and disappeared... our friendly plant monster couldn't do it all by itself. Venczel used, channeled that power to bring the Lady closer, make it easier for her to cross the threshold and move to this reality. I'm pretty certain. But now the question is: was she the Lady's unwitting pawn to the end, or did she do it on purpose?"