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[In spite of Selena's improved mood around others, the massacring of Team Jelba's members is still heavy on her mind.]

Scan again, Elma.

[... Heavy enough that she's been volunteering for scouting and ranging missions for the Macross every chance she can get.  Scouting and scanning and searching and doing everything she can to try to track down those Balmarians responsible for the death of Captain Symphonia and everyone close to her.  The Soleares's Prism Phantom and jamming mechanisms made it ideal for this sort of thing anyways.]

Selena, we've been at it for hours now!  This section's clea-

[Beep beep.  Something's suddenly come up.]

... I stand corrected.

[A few seconds later and suddenly massive explosions erupt across the distance in a wide swath.  A battle.  No ESUN bases in this area of space though, or at least not any more.  Who was fighting was still anyone's guess though.]

I'm taking us in, but keep scanning.  If something important happens, I want to know.

[Thus the red machine hurtles through empty space as fast as its engines can carry it... which isn't very fast considering how much power's been regulated to Elma's sensors.  But at least the little subot can offer some commentary along the way.]

The fleets... they're huge!  And I'm still picking up more and more forces by the second!  Zentradi for sure, and... Aerogators!  They're converging on an Aerogator detachment... and there's something huge!  It's... it's like a mobile space colony or something!  Calculating size now... but it's at least 25 km! 

Twenty five-

[Something that big...]

I'm putting more power to the Tesla Drive.  If it's that big and it's mobile, it could very well be their flagship.

Hurry then!  The other Aerogator vessels are being massacred... and if the Zentradi turn all their guns towards it then-

[Too late.  Suddenly there's an even larger explosion, the kind Selena thought you'd need mass colony drops to achieve.  The blinding light and the force of the blast -even so far away that all she was starting to see was Zentradi warships!- sent the Assault Scouter reeling, subot and pilot crying out as they tried to get the machine back under control.  But before Selena can even ask what happened, Elma has the answer.]

They're... gone...

I-I'll say... The Zentradi certainly know how to end it with a bang.

No!  Not them!  I mean, yes, the Zentradi!  They're gone!  Something happened... there was some other Balmarian machine being launched from the flagship and then... then they all...

You're saying that one Balmarian machine... was able to turn the tide that quickly?  That... decisively?

... Hold on Elma... and pray to any maker you might have.  If it's still out there, we need to know about this thing.

[Some time later after the Soleares returns...]

We may have a situation on our hands.  The good news is... Elma and I managed to acquire footage of what might just be the Aerogators' flagship.

[Cue image.  Thank God Elma's sensors were able to snap that before the Balmarians were alerted.]

The bad news is... all of that scrap you see around it?  That's what's left of a Zentradi attack force that had been mopping the floor with the Balmarians before all those underdogs pulled something out of that ship that ended the battle and those Zentradi all in an instant.  Last we detected, it wasn't heading towards Eath, thank God.

General Hetepheres, Optimus Prime... if you've any knowledge about whatever could've ended such an outmatched fight so abruptly, I'm sure everyone would love to hear it.

[She sighs.  It'd been a long ranging, and even longer getting back to the SDF.  And then debriefing and now this.  If she were sane she would've been in bed by now.]

I guess this explains why Ingram wasn't worried about us growing too strong for him to handle.
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