[Team Jelba... gone.  Just... gone.  Captain Symphonia.  Alfredo.  Vasquez.  Rubio.  More than her friends, her family.  The people she'd been intending to catch up with after months separated from them.  People she knew and trusted and fought hard to avenge.  Hard enough that the Gesterben is just barely more than a pile of scrap.]

Why, Captain...?

Why did you have us all march into that deathtrap?  You wouldn't have sold us out so... why...?


And you're SURE?

Absolutely!  'Operation Doll's' orders are dated after Ingram's defection and the files aren't fabricated!

[The other two surviving members of Team Jelba are handling this... a bit better.  Not much though.]

... Of all the rotten luck then... Those files are probably only going to raise more questions and never provide answers even if we get them cracked.  Ingram's going to pay for this.  Him and his 'friend'...

If you still have the schematics for the AS in you... it might be wise to make the most of them.  Selena's going to need something if she's going to keep fighting, and I'd rather she have the best we can give her.

Start salvaging everything you can from everyone's machines.  The ground team's mechs should still be fine, so that means that the Captain's Prism Phantom'll at least be an option for her.

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