[Another Rider, another message by Abel Meyers for the UG. Unfortunately, this time is different than before, and not in a good way. Meyers himself actually sounds nervous.]

"Greetings again, Unity Group. I come bearing news, both good and... bad.

"The good news is that we have discovered the final Rider's tomb. The bad news: its location...and..."

[The video feed switches to reveal footage of a city's skyline. It would be a regular view, if not for the fact that a gigantic cube has encased the entire city.]

"As you can see...Stigma somehow reached the depths of the tomb before us and awakened the Rider. The cube that you see is its doing.

"We've no idea what is going on inside. There have been attempts to establish communications with the city to no avail. Scouts have been sent in, but none have returned.

"This...is frankly something you are specialized in, Unity Group. I know your history with the Black Domes, so I will leave the decision of what to do next to you, and the Rider who is on our side."


[Fyra only gazes at the screen for a short while, before turning around to leave. She knows that Morte is still out of commission, but given the circumstances and the enemy involved, waiting for him is no longer an option.]


[A few hours later: the Unity Group detachment, which includes Fyra, arrives outside of the reach of the gigantic cube. And they are not the only ones present - various ESUN armed forces are also on standby, but are cautious enough not to simply send more people in. The fact that the cube is also growing in size as time passes makes the situation more worrisome than it already is.

While preparations are taking place for the UG to act, Fyra looks in the direction of the city and interrupts.]

We cannot wait any longer. This is the Rider's Order at work.

I will go. If there is anyone willing to follow, stay close to me.


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