A. Ah... be more careful if you please... tch!

[Sielje is wincing and making various strange noises from discomfort of being shot in the back. But the beasthide she wore protected her - all she suffers from is a bruised rib or two. It could've been so much worse.

Regardless the knight needs some medical attention now.]

[The artifact from the Great Forge is back on Earth now. Another part of Discovery of Self has been retrieved - however an old trouble seems to be not quite defeated as everyone originally thought.]

That group of merchants... no - of all kinds of people. To think Fumerco still exists. Even if it is under a different name, housed in a different city. But it is the same.

What may we do to put an end to it? Not just defend Ankaia against their predations, but to defeat a corporation once and for all?

It may seem as if... not all battles can be won with the sword.