[The battle with the Great Black Void was over... and it had brought with it surprising revelations.  First... Mizuki's little brother had gotten all grown up, and Zankuro was trying now to desperately console his parents and tell them he still wanted to be treated like a little kid and go to kindergarten.  But Mizuki is in the infirmary, bandaged up and with a tiny little mechanical blackbird sitting on her shoulder.  With the DuskBird so thoroughly destroyed, all she could do was try to grow a new one.  But standing in a little balcony outside and looking at the Sun, she was noticing something, or rather something's absence.]

-It doesn't hurt.  The sunlight doesn't...

Quick, someone get me something to eat!  Anything... just... just what normal people would have!

[And one bite of a burger later though and Mizuki's already spitting it out.]

That's disgusting!  How can anyone eat something like that?!?

[But at the same time, no vomiting.  Seems the Abyss's victory over the Void has had an unexpected payoff.]