[You're somewhere around one of the Unity Group bases when you hear several rapid footsteps of someone dashing around a corner and/or hiding behind something. You see Interitus looking around quizzically so one can assume that the person who made such a noise was probably Volya. Looking behind her partner's hiding place she's quickly pulling an arm into view.]

"Volya! Come on!"

'Teritus! No. I look ridiculous... how did I even let you talk me into this!

"Because we're partners and I saved your life a lot? Pleeeease. Show friend! They say you look good too!"

...Ugh... Fine!

[And out steps Volya in his school uniform. Nothing too unusual there. What was different though? Well Interitus in all her great...wisdom and the influence of the idea of Mizuki's Parents treating what would happen with their child to be much like something out of a TV show, the plant girl felt that Volya really did need to look the part of a mysterious transfer student. Thus...]

Be honest... I look ridiculous don't I?

[She managed to convince him to grow out his hair. In any case Volya looks seconds away from facepalming.]


[Meanwhile in one of the hangars there's the battered form of a Guiding Hand Defender being brought in. Interestingly its greatsword was replaced with an equally battered shield, though it lacked any sort of embellishment or hidden weapons.]

"Sir Nathaniel... I understand... you sent me this one out of all of them because you want me to build myself back up before I can do more... but..."

[David looks up at it, taking a deep breath and sighing as if tremendously disappointed somehow. Perhaps it was some complaint about how the machine was not powerful or unique...]

"You know I'm terrible at using shields right..?"

[But it was actually a slight on his own skills... or lack of thereof. He winces as his gaze trails to the shield covered in scratches and dents. He hangs his head with a tired sigh.]

"Back to practice then..."