[As with others involved in the final battle against Chimera, Willis has found himself in a contemplating mood following its conclusion and his return to a Unity Group base. Despite his best efforts to seemingly throw himself onto the quickest route out of this world he was still here.]

Great...now my head is jumbled up with all of this also.

[The state of his mind on the other hand was a bit more loosened after making near direct impact with a Sphere, even if it was a false one. Considering that it was his third time having to deal with dimensional instabilities and this time in a much more direct way. Fleeting images of others dimensions had been burned into his mind, small glimpses but it was enough to make him question his own memory after witnessing some familiar faces in those flashes.]

That was such a stupid idea...

[While he knew it was simply Jii Edel's way of messing with them he couldn't help but feel that the puppetmaster knew more about them than he let on despite his mocking tone. Willis would know about that best.]

The Black History, are there really that many dimensions that are doing worse than this one...how many other dimensions do we even exist in...

"Hah! I told you I was a main character!"

"...What are you even going on about."

Doomstar has been unusually cooperative, so she's been allowed some free wandering-accompanied by a guard with a gas mask and gloves, of course. She and Jen are meeting outside, chatting over some tea and snacks.

"It's not too important, Jenny. The important thing is, I might have a solution to your situation."
"Yeah, you mentioned that..."
"Well, I wasn't joking. Since the problem is genetic, just copying Julia's method of cheating death won't work, but there's nothing that says we have to use an organic architecture when copying your brain's processes."

"...I don't really follow."

"Basically, we'd use the nanobots in your blood to get a model of your brain, and then we'd run that model on a computer. So there'd be you, and an AI copy of you. The copy won't age or decay, and it could make backups of itself in case it got itself blown up like you keep doing."

"So if I let you experiment with my brain, I'd live forever."

Doomstar's smile fades. For once, the crazed razorgirl's facade slips away, showing the worry underneath.

"...No. A copy of you would live forever-from your perspective, you would still die the same way. And...the copy might not be exact. This is really untested stuff, and Julia spent more time on it than I ever did. Like, it might even come out to just be some sort of soulless sociopathic abomination. I could improve the quality of the copy with a destructive scan, but...I can't fix death. I can only let you leave something behind."

While Jen looks deeply into her tea, Doomstar reaches across the table to rest her hand on Jen's-but the courier brushes it off.