[1] Alright folks. I promised I'll explain everything. Sit down; this will take a while.

Daniel's story )

That was nearly four years ago. I returned to the compound a year later, to scout it. Abandoned ruins. I thought the Lost Seekers, and their terrible crusade, were no more. I was wrong. The first sign were mecha similar to Steel Wanderer, sighted near a town in Mexico. That's why I took that job. If you were there, in that fight, you know what happened: Defor and Prospero died in that fire three years ago. But Godefroy survived. He rebuilt the Lost Seekers, created a new army of cyborgs. And now, their crusade started again. We killed the leader of one legion, but there's more. They'll attack again. And soon. Probably.

If you have questions, ask me. I'll say all I know.

[announcement - no responses necessary to this one]
I'm going to the old Lost Seeker compound tomorrow. To look for clues. Maybe there's something I missed; something that'll hint where their new base is. If you wanna tag along, go ahead. Doubt we'll meet any hostiles, the place is in ruins. But take weapons if you want. Just in case.

[2 - exploration, feel free to talk to Daniel or others]
[The compound is located in southern US, in a mountainous area - hidden from plain sight, it's easy to miss even by airborne observers. Good that Daniel knows the way. The buildings, as expected, are ruined and completely abandoned, with no signs of human presence for years. There's also a lot of damage, from the incident that put an end to the first crusade before it even started. Because of that, it's hard to tell what use some of the buildings had, but there are remains of a hangar, at least, and less damaged residential and work areas.
It's hard to find anything of value here, but there's a lot of rubble and old, useless scrap, some of it in the form of mysterious machines in a few rooms, too rusted over and trashed to recycle or figure out their function. Overall, the whole compound has a bit of an abandoned hospital vibe. Not the nicest place to be.]

[3 - Daniel's discovery]
[After looking (and failing to find anything) for several hours, Daniel looks like he's ready to head back. But then...]

...What's this?

[He heads towards a ruined stairway. Under it, he pushes a part of the concrete wall, seemingly indistinguishable from others. And yet, a part of the wall gives, and a hole appears. Daniel puts a hand inside and recovers a paper-wrapped package. It looks old. He stares at it silently.]