How does Loni react to the thought that his uncle, and a large part of the last few years of his life were all a lie?

"Yes! Yes, finally fucking yes! Finally, I got them all. After so much trouble, after being imprisoned by those jerks for so long, threatened, forced to lie in wait... All the seals." He's close to tears - from elation. But there's a shaking to his steps and his words, as if he could hardly believe it all.


"Now we can do it. We can make our wishes come true. Everyone will see it - I'm the Lady's chosen. I'm the hero. That's who I truly am!"

"And I have it all because of you. It's all thanks to you!"

He's not addressing Ilinka or Desta. Instead he talks to the other person in the room.

Me? Ahm... don't mention it. Really.

[Actually taggable part, locked to you know who]
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"I took the libery of informing ESUN - and the SSR." Suddenly there's an important announcement from Commander Howe.
"Gavin has all three seals he needs to bring the Lady back to this world. The good news is that he needs to be in the Discovery artifact to do it. It's under guard and the second anything suspicious is going on - we're moving in. The bad news is... I don't really have to tell you, do I? Efforts to track down Gavin, his allies, and his units are underway. Pray we find him before he makes his move."

"This is all."

That's all for the announcement - but the commanders are involved in another discussion behind open doors. Which means overhearing it by accident or purpose, or just outright joining in, is not difficult.

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[Normally when a kid gets back to whatever they were doing after a vacation its usually just piles of homework... griping about school and having to deal with the curriculum once more. Some kids however...]


[Have to deal with being hospitalized. Both Volya and Interitus were left badly injured when they battled the Guardian of the Last Seal. Not long after fishing the Russian kid from her, Interitus had somehow shapeshifted into her smaller form. A reflex or something else it was hard to say. Either way both of them are in the infirmary being tended to and it might be a while before they wake up.]


"T... they're going to be okay right? They have to be... right?!"

[And who's close by but David, looking on the verge of freaking out due to the fact that this... or worse would have happened had the knights had their way. And being up close to this made everything worse for him.]


[There's a weak groan from one of the pair. A whimper of pain as an attempt to sit up was made and red eyes rushed around the room fearfully. Dark. Silent. Partner. Where. Pain. Cold. Lonely. Notagain.]

[Making a late night visit to Volya and Interitus would lead to the sound of several somethings clattering to the floor. Opening it to quickly check on them, you would find Volya had struggled out of his cot and into Interitus' and had knocked several things over in the process due to being pretty hurt himself. He was crying pretty hard as he clung to his still unconscious partner like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.]

Grace is sitting on the cafetaria, reading some news on her pda. She looks pretty dejected.

"We're in a pretty dark days, aren't we?" She says. "First, Eria is destroyed, with its people dead, getting crazy, or worse. There might be cosmic monster rising from there too, and the worst part is, it's men and women of earth who woke it up purposefully. Then, we found out that Unity Group is built on illusion, if not of lies, and Loni Gavin now hold power of unknown destructive capability. Will people ever going to trust us anymore? Even I'm not sure what to trust now.

And now this..." She lifts her head from the news story. It's the daily news site of the Batavian Fleet.

"Rash of mysterious robberies. That focus on orphanages and homes of poor families... I can't believe human can be this evil. Is there no good anymore in the world? We're in the end times aren't we?

I just contacted that orphanage in the fleet. And they confirmed it. Most if not all the christmas presents donated to them are gone now. Those kids don't have many toys. The polystation I gave them, those might be the only new toy those kids will have this year. And now they're gone.

How can people be this wicked? Do nobody have heart anymore in the world?"
[In the wake of everything that happened at the "ESUN funders" meeting place, and her sudden-if-unwitting assistance in Loni getting the last Seal, Eva's been confined to bases for the immediate future. Also, she's absolutely pissed, if the way she's going to town on that sandbag is anything to judge by.]


[And yelling at it. There's that too.]

Why the hell should you trust that rock?! Why the hell should you trust Loni! Why should I trust you, huh?!

[Spots of blood start to appear on the sandbag, and on the floor. Eva's been at this for a while with no protection; her knuckles have split open. She gives a 'tch,' and walks off to sulk on a bench by the side of the room.]

All I had to do was wait, and some magic rock was going to save me...? Like hell...