[Phobos was stopped and Leos apprehended with minimal impact to the world at large despite the threat of a moon being hurled at Earth. The situation though may have been quite a bit more complicated by the appearance of Nineball as well. Numerous considerations and concerns were being addressed and facts checked through. Though Nineball did indeed manipulate Leos, all of his actions were all conducted by his own will rather than active control by the AI.

Either way the history of numerous psychological issues had dissuaded any sort of harsher punishment. Rather than an execution or imprisonment, Leos would be sent to an as of yet currently undisclosed location for treatment and therapy... though he has yet to learn of this.

Currently Leos simply waits in a holding cell and is awaiting transfer. Restrained to ensure no harm can be done to others... or more likely towards himself... a precaution more than expectation for it to happen. Either way he barely moves an inch as he simply sits slumped against the wall and is unable to bring himself to look up at whoever is visiting him. Out of guilt or shame its hard to say.]